Tuesday 18 August 2020

I'm back!

 Hello bloggers,

I am back blogging again for a while (who knows how long it will last!)  I can't believe it has been so long since my last post.  How have you been getting on in this strange new world?  I work for the NHS so that side of things has been pretty much business as usual for me but I haven't been doing any workshops, until Saturday!  I did a workshop with reduced numbers so there was plenty of room for everyone to spread out and the hall had provided plenty of hand gel and wipes.  Everyone was very sensible and it was really nice to be out crafting with friends again.

We made a mini album which was fun!  As always, everyone did their own version and as always came up with some lovely finished results and as always, I didn't take any pictures...

Here is my version..

All the stamps and stencils used are from AALL & Create, for the background I used the rather fabulous Totally Triangular stencil by Abs, the background stamping is done with three of my favourite sets; #336 Bold Alphas by Bipasha, #338 Background Noise by Janet Klein and of course #362 Splodge by Abs. and all the main images are from the lovely range by Janet Klein

For more information about AALL &Create products visit their website at www.aallandcreate.com/boutique

Thank you for visitng 

Janet xxx

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  1. Nice for you to be able to get back to your workshops and this little mini album is very cute! Chrissie xx


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