It seems only right that there is a page for my cats, in that way, only those of you who are interested need look! I will introduce you to them all.
I have four cats:

Meg (short for Nutmeg) is a tortoiseshell who we took in as a kitten.  Her mum was a feral tortoiseshell who me and some of my neighbours were feeding.  She turned up one day with 5 kittens!  We caught her and had her neutered and put her back outside.  She was too wild to be taken in as a pet.  We found homes for the kittens and Simon and I chose one each to keep (Meg was my choice!)

Minnie is a small black and white cat with a cute personality, she is Meg's sister and Simon's choice of the kittens.

Misty is a very pretty grey and peach colour.  She was found when she was just a couple of days old, lying next to her dead mother.  She was looked after by a lady Simon knew, who rescues wild animals until she was 4 weeks.  It was only a matter of time before we gave in......  Meg and Minnie were about 6 months old when Misty joined us and she and Megs soon became firm friends.
23/11/16 Sadly Misty is no longer with us, she developed a blood clot and lost the use of her back legs - RIP little Misty Blue

Max is a very handsome tabby cat.  He turned up in the back garden and used to pop in for a bite to eat and a warm up in front of the fire.  We saw him every few days to start with, but gradually his visits got more frequent until he moved in completely after about a year. 

Marlow is a ginger boy.  He literally turned up late one night.  I was putting the milk bottles out when I heard a cat meowing in my 'shed' I opened the door and there he was!  I had never seen him before, he dodged into the house, straight to the kitchen, had a meal and has been here ever since!  I did put him out, but unfortunately, he knew how to use the cat flap and kept coming back in.  I had to go to bed as it was very late and he was still in the house in the morning.  I chucked him out when I went to work, but he was there again when I got home.

Merlin is a big black boy.  He was very timid and in a bad way when he turned up, but was so desperately hungry that he used to sneak in and eat the leftovers from the other cats.  He soon put on weight and is now a lovely friendly lad
25/7/15 Sad to report that Merlin is no longer with us, he developed a heart problem and is now laid to rest under a bush in the back garden.

So there you have it....a history of my cats. 


  1. love their names Janet, look forward to seeing their photos

  2. look forward to seeing the photos Janet.............

  3. Love the cats ,wish i could have one but Millie my border terrier will chase it xx

  4. thanks for the photos Janet - they're a lovely bunch, especially Marlow

  5. Janet your cats are all gorgeous, it takes a special kind of person to take on that many animals that you hadn't intended too. I too have taken in strays in the past so know what a commitment it is. At the moment we have two rescue cats which we adopted through the RSPCA Tinderbell (a tabby)is 5 now but was only 18 months old when we got her, Tallula (a tortoiseshell) was 11 weeks old and is now 3. Our neighbours daughter works for the RSPCA and hand reared Tallula and her 2 sisters from being just 2 days old so of course we had to nip over to see them at least once a week and had to have one. Joining us shortly is a new ginger tom, my brother's cat had 5 kittens recently as soon as they are old enough the one I saw being born is coming to live with us. Give them all a hug from me.

    Luv Hev xxx

  6. Hi Janet, just doing some blog hopping and had to look at your cats...what lovely and contented cats they all look. Marlow looks like my Billy (Billy Bunter) who is such a lovely, friendly affectionate cat. Must put a page up of my two. x

  7. Hi,I am a moggy mum too.Thank god for people like you,the mogs are adorable and sooo beautiful.I have Ronni the mog and Duffy,short for Duffer,I named him that cus he used to duff all the kids on the block (mogs).He was a stray and now lives a life of sheer luxury.I LOVE animals.


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