Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Chamomile and Friends

Hello bloggers,

Time whizzes by so fast these days, Maria is on the TV with more stamps and I realised that I haven't posted about the last ones yet!  This card is done with the Chamomile and Friends set.  It is one of the 3 way overlay sets which are brilliant!  You get three stamps of the same image, an inny, an outy and an outline and a stencil.  There are lots of combinations for using them.

For this card, I added two colours of ink to the square gel press petite plate, press the outy image of the stamp on the plate to pick up the ink, spritz lightly and stamp.
I inked the basic circle stamp and added that round the edge.
I added lots of splatters of the same colour inks and cut to size.
For the background, I spritzed the ink remaining of the gel press and 'stamped' it on the card to give a watercolour background
Allow to dry, then brush ink lightly through the stencil all round the edge of the card.
I also stamped parts of the circle round the edge.
I added a few black splatters to everything and doodled some lines round the edges.
Assemble everything and mount onto a base card
Thank you very much for visiting, I hope you enjoy the rest of your day!
Janet xx


  1. Love this card! Such a pretty design! Chrissie xx


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