Sunday, 29 January 2017

Just to say...

Hello everyone,
Thank you for joining me, these are the other cards we made at the Claritystampers East workshop last weekend.   It was a workshop of nice and easy cards......

 For those of us who still write a 'Thank you' card, I thought January is a good time to make one.
Using the circle aperture, blend some ink (I used blue and green here), then stamp the Thank you stamp in the same colours, keeping the stencil in place.  The aperture stencils are a bit thinner than normal, so you don't get too much gap round the edges if you press hard enough.
Colour a spare piece of card, the stamp the butterflies and cut out.
Add to the card
I also stamped the 'ever so much' for balance.

This is actually a notelet.  Fold a piece of 160gsm copy paper to make the base for the notelet, then use another piece cut to size to work on for the front.
On the separate piece of paper, place a mask in the centre, then blend ink round the edge and stamp the grasses.
Remove the mask and stamp the poppy in place, then colour.
Sponge a little ink through a dotty stencil (remember to mask of the edges of your frame first!)
I drew a double fine line round the frame, then coloured that and stamped the 'just to say' in place.
Using Barbra's technique, I edged with a black sharpie pen and attached to the front of the notelet.

Finally, we didn't actually make this at the class, but I just show it because sometimes even something as simple as stamping and colouring can look fab!  Just add a strip of masking tape along the bottom of the card and stamp each grass just on the tape, then you know they will all be in a straight row (as long as your masking tape was straight to begin with!!)

Have a great Sunday
Janet xx

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  1. loving the blue and green of the thank you card. they work so well together, hugs xx

  2. These are so beautiful. Xx so unique. They'd look lovely on display around the house too.

    Best wishes.

    Keep Calm and start writing -

  3. Very pretty cards - wow 5 cats I only have two and they are a handful.

  4. Thank you Fiona - yes the cats certainly keep me on my toes! x


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