Thursday, 6 July 2017

Elements - Fire

Good evening,
I am posting a card tonight made with the 'Fire' elements stamp - but I really think the 'Water' one may have been more appropriate with all the rain we've had recently!

For the main image, I stamped the image with versa mark and heat embossed with gold powder.  I coloured with water based markers, scribbling them on a mat and picking up the colour with a water brush.  I die cut it to a scalloped oval.
For the background, I cut a piece of the Northern Lights designer paper into strips, then cut them in half to make a long triangle.  Find your centre point on the card, then stick all the strips round.

Thanks for popping in, hope to see you again soon.  (I will try and remember to blog a bit more regularly!)
Janet xxx

Monday, 26 June 2017

Elements - Water


I thought it was about time I blogged again, I have been a bit remiss recently!  I am busy doing samples for the July shows - it's Christmas!!  I always find it a bit difficult to do Christmas cards so early in the year, but I know we have to get ahead if we are going to make enough cards to send out to everyone!  They are fab new stamps coming up, so don't forget to tune in!

Today's card, however is more appropriate for the weather - Water!.  I am a Pisces girl, so water is dear to my heart!  I love 'watery' colours.

Stamp : Water Element
Stencil: Jo's Bubbles

For the background, I found a brusho background I had in my stash, then added more colour using the Jo's Bubbles stencil, inking through in random areas.  I let the ink dry, then drew round the circles with a glue pen and added some glitter.  I used the new Perga Glitters - yes, of course you need them! Layer onto matching card.
On a separate piece of card, I stamped the water element image with black ink and coloured with pencils, then cut it out and layered onto a die cut circle. Attach to the background a finish off with a few gems

Thanks very much for visiting, I hope you enjoy the rest of your day!
Janet xx

Monday, 19 June 2017


Good morning!
I'm up early this morning, the trouble with having cats is that they expect breakfast soon after dawn, which is pretty early this time of year!  It is a lovely morning though, so I don't mind too much.  It is nice and cool, so there is chance to get a few jobs done before the heat starts taking its toll.

I thought I would show you a few tags I've made with one of the latest sets from Clarity, but first a card sample using the same tags set and the gardening set

I stamped the tags out, starting with the biggest in the centre and working down in size towards the edges.
I just stamped and coloured a little scene in each tag.  Just make sure to mask off the one next to the one you're working on.

Here are the other tags...

Thanks very much for visiting, I hope you have a fabulous day!
Janet xx

Monday, 12 June 2017

New Baby Cards

Good evening,

~It has been a busy couple of weekends, with several workshops, all of which have been fun to do.
The cards today are all made from the two new baby sets and the heart stencils (links at the end of the post)

I started by taping the heart aperture to a piece of stencil card, then blended a pink ink through the aperture.
I put the hearts stencil from the basic backgrounds set over the top of the paerture stencil and blended with the same colour ink, then moved the stencil and blended a different colour pink, repeat this with different colours, so have hearts within hearts.  Finally, blend a white pigment ink through the hearts, to soften it all down.
Remove all the stencils, then stamp the washing line across the heart, also stamp it on some separate white card.
Cut the card to size (6x6")
Colour and cut out the clothes on the white card and layer on top of the base
Stamp, colour and cut the little bows and add to the base at the ends of the washing line
Stamp the 'Baby Girl', cut out and place..  Layer on to a pink card then onto the card base.

Same again but in green 

and in blue for a boy
 Stamps used:

Adorable baby

New Arrival

Stencils used:

Basic Backgrounds

Heart shape aperture

and finally one I did for the TV which uses the same idea, but with an all over background, rather than in the heart aperture.

Thanks for visiting, hope to see you again soon! Janet xxx

Friday, 2 June 2017

DT Anniversary

Good morning,
Isn't it a lovely day?  I hope it is as lovely where you are as it is here.  I think spring has to be my favourite season, especially as the sun starts to shine!  I love all the new life and renewal after the winter.
I have just found out on fb that it is 5 years ago today that my first card appeared on TV as part of the Clarity design team - where has that time gone??  It is definitely true that time goes faster as you get older!  I was so excited to be asked to join the Clarity DT, It is such a privilege to be part of the wonderful team at Clarity, in the company of so many lovely talented people.  The team is so much bigger now, since the launch of Groovi - exciting times...

This is one of  the latest card I've done for the DT (later, I will show you the first one...)

I started by using my gel press petite square plate to do the pink square in the middle.  Load up the plate with ink, the dab a bit of damp paper towel over to give it some texture and 'stamp' on to the card.
Using black archival, stamp the pram and the words around the edge
Colour in the pram with pencils
Stamp the bows on a separate piece of card, colour and cut out, then attach to the card.
Mount on to pink card and then onto the base card.

I had never heard of a Gel Press Plate 5 years ago - it is amazing how things move on isn't it?  We have so many more lovely things to fuel our addiction!

This is the first card that was shown
This is the first card which was shown when Barbara first mentioned me as part of the DT

I made this one for the same show, but it didn't get shown
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             The other card was made for the same show, but didn't get shown, I think it has been on the display boards at the shows though.

Thanks very much for visiting
Hope you enjoy your day
Janet xxx

Monday, 29 May 2017

Floral Spring and Brusho

Hello everyone,
I hope you are enjoying the bank holiday weekend.  It has been hot and sunny here in Norfolk, I hope it has for you too.  It is good to get out in the garden, the down side is that my eyelids have swollen and I look terrible, I think I have reacted to something!
Anyway, I have also been preparing some cards for upcoming Clarity workshops, so I won't show you those just yet, but I will share some I made for Rossella's shows a couple of weeks ago.

I was a bit short on time (again!) for these, so I had a rummage through my prepared backgrounds and found this brusho one - I am pretty sure this was just the black sprinkled and spritzed, then dabbed.  One half was lighter than the other, so I made that the ground and stamped the Floral Hare in place.  I masked off the bottom with torn copy paper and stamped the little Floral Grass along the paper, avoiding the hare.
I added a bit of shadow under the hare, and a black line along the bottom edge of the grasses, then sat and coloured in all the tiny flowers, this is lovely to do - very relaxing!  I inked round the edges and mounted on black.

The second card is a bit brighter and more spring-like.  I simply stamped and coloured...

The main stamps all come from the Floral Figures set

The word 'Spring' is  an NDC stamp from a while ago

and the birds come from the tiny wee folk sets that were with the outline stamps.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you have sunshine where you are today
Janet xxx

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

F I T Colours!

Good evening,
Thank you for dropping by, I am showing some pages from the delightful little Rhyme-Time Nursery Rhyme Alphabet book from Claritystamp.  This book has a large letter to colour in and a little verse to go with it, along with a small image which has already been coloured, so you have some inspiration if you need it.  I had such a lovely time just colouring these in.  I have a lovely set of Prismacolor pencils which is what I used, along with a blending stump and Sansodor, to colour all the images.  The sansodor doesn't come through the card, so if you wanted to keep all the images in the book and colour, it would be fine.

I love this image, I just added some stamps in the background and inked round the edge with a matching colour ink.

I decided to keep this fairly monotone, I used an oval aperture stencil to frame the lad and his lovely pony, then added some dots round the edges using a dotty stencil

I used the old 'torn copy paper' trick to add the background for this one and added a couple of birds and the grasses at the front.  The words come from the title of the verse in the book, I just cut them out and edged them in black.

I was lucky enough to receive two books, one to cut up and use and the other to keep - I am going to enjoy sitting and colouring the other one, it is sooo relaxing!

Enjoy your evening!
Janet xx

Monday, 15 May 2017


Good afternoon,
Very grey and dismal this afternoon here in darkest Norfolk and so cold!!  I thought I would share the handbag card I made for Rossella's show last week, using the Handbags and Purses set of stamps with masks.

I stamped all the bags and purses first, then masked them all.  It is worth taking time to make sure the masks are perfectly in place, otherwise you end up with white bits where you don't want them.
I covered a square round the main bag, then used Distress Oxides to colour the outside frame.  I used blues and yellows. I just sponged the colours over.  I removed the centre mask and just sponged the yellows over the centre area.
I took away all the handbag masks and coloured everything in with pencils.
I decided to give the main bag some texture, so I carefully added PVA glue and sprinkled gold microbeads over the wet glue, then left to dry.
To finish off, I used a fine black pen to outline the centre square and added a bit of gold glitter pen to the bags.  I printed out 'A Girl Cannot Have Too Many Handbags' on my PC, then cut out each word to add to the card.
Thanks very much for visiting, I hope you are having a good day!
Janet xx

Saturday, 13 May 2017

Ladies with Hats

Goo evening to you,
I am avoiding a certain song contest at the moment, so thought I would take the opportunity to write a blog post.  The clarity stamp shows are coming thick and fast now, ans I am getting a bit behind with my blogging... This card was one I did for Rossella's show last time, using the Hats 2 set and a piece of designer paper from the New England Fall paper pack

This is a simple card to do.  I used a DL card, then cut the paper a cm smaller, I chose my backing card, then cut a strip of the paper and matted it onto a slightly wider strip of the card and glued that across the larger piece of paper, cut the ends to fit, then mat onto a bigger piece of the backing card and attach to the main card.
I stamped the ladies on small squares of white card, coloured their hair and lips and very lightly coloured their skin.
I stamped them again on different sections of the same designer paper, I added a bit of colour to the hat bands, then just cut out the hats and glued onto the appropriate head.

Thanks very much for stopping by,
Janet xx

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Lovely lady

Good morning.

I am off to work soon, but I have time to do a quick post before I go.  This card i one I did using a stencil called Amaryllis  Clarity do a range of lovely ladies, this is one of my favourites.

I started with black card and taped the stencil in place.  Using a stencil brush (a flat ended one, not the normal Clarity brushes) I picked up small amount of Chalk acrylic paint and dabbed lightly where I wanted each colour.
I masked off areas, so the colour was in the right place and used the opaque colours, so it shows up on the black card.
I removed the stencil and allowed it all to dry, then added bits of gold pen to highlight the hair.
I edged with a gold pen and added some gold sequins to finish then mounted on more black card.

Thanks for visiting, Hope you have a good day,
Janet xx

Monday, 8 May 2017

Just Leaves

Good morning!
I hope you are well.  It is still cold here, I have seen some of my posts on fb from a year ago and I was saying how hot and sunny it was.....
I am still catching up with cards from Rosie's show a while back when she was showcasing Tina's lovely flowers and leaves.
One of my favourite things to do is just use one stamp to make the whole design.  I have done that on this card using one of the leaves from the Tina's Butterflies and Dragonflies set

I used the solid square from Sam's Shapes to stamp three squares in different colours (I used my new Distress Oxides for this).  It took a bit of experimenting to get the right level of colour for this, I didn't want it too dark as I wanted to stamp over it.
I stamped the leaf over the top in black, then coloured in some of the little sections, using the same three colours

Fot the background, I blended the same colour inks, then spritzed and blotted, then stamped the leaf, again in the same colours.  I edged both pieces of work with black, then mounted up.

Hope you have a lovely day
Janet x

Friday, 5 May 2017

Groovi in Lowestoft

Hello folks,
My week off seems to have vanished , why is it that  time off work seems to pass so much quicker than time at work????
I had a lovely day yesterday meeting a new group of ladies in Lowestoft.  We did a Groovi workshop and I really enjoyed it.  The hall was good, the lunch was very nice and apart from a bit of a blip at the beginning, it all went well.

These are the projects we did, no-one finished properly because it is always best to leave parchment to settle overnight, then do a bit more embossing, but there were some beautiful projects well on the way......
My picot cutting still needs more practice, but apart from the I am happy with this one

Thanks very much ladies, hope we can do it again soon.....
Janet xx

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Tina's Flowers

Good evening,
I have had a nice day at home today, I have taken the week off work so have been doing lots of pottering and getting jobs done - very satisfying.  I am also prepping for my upcoming workshops and doing a bit of colouring (see Barbara Gray's blog to find out why!)

Today's card is one I did using one of the new flowers sets from Tina Cox.  These are lovely sets, with three sets of flowers in each set and three sizes of each flower.  I used Tina's Flowers 1 for this card

I made the background card first, the grid is embossed using a Hougie board, then I dragged ink pads up and down.

The diagonal piece is a paper from the New England Fall Designer paper pack I added some circles by dipping a lid into some ink and stamping on the paper.

I stamped and embossed the flowers on to paper from the same pack then cut out and stuck together.
The centres have sequins added
The butterfly is also stamped and embossed on the same paper, then glittered
I dotted a few more sequins around to finish.

Thanks for visiting,
Janet xx

Monday, 1 May 2017

Claritystampers East April 2017

Good afternoon,
How is your Bank Holiday going?  It started a bit rainy and dreary here, but it is quite nice now.  I started the morning by going to visit the new village hall in the village where we do our Diva Red workshops to have brunch - very nice it was too - both the hall and the brunch and the company.

Home again now to prepare for a Groovi workshop in Lowestoft - a first for me but I am looking forward to it.  It will be lovely to meet a new group of crafty ladies.

It was the Claritystampers East workshops over the last two weekends, Bawburgh last week and Great Blakenham yesterday...I even took some photos of the cards the ladies made at Bawburgh .  I am not good at remembering to take photos, so it took a bit of nagging, but I am pleased I did, so I will try to remember for the next ones too.

I love the variety - everyone does something a bit different (some always do things alot different - they know who they are!!)

My original, so you can see the detail

Not everyone liked the trees through the stag, so did a solid one instead

My original

I love the different colour schemes..

The original

Thanks very much for visiting, if you live in the Norfolk/Suffolk area and would like to join us, you can get in touch via the contact box.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend! Janet xx

Friday, 28 April 2017


Good morning,
An early morning blog from me today!  (Definitely don't get used to that!!) I thought I would share the card I made with the Snowdrop stamp which is the accompaniment to the Cornflower from the previous post...

I am quite a fan of single colour cards, for this I chose green because I was going to colour the leaves green, so I stamped in a green archival ink and cut the card to a slim rectangle.  I coloured the leaves and the very tips of the petals, but left the rest alone.  I think simple white flowers are amongst the most stunning things to look at.
I did edge the card with green, then matted on to dark green card.
For the background, I stamped the wording across the centre, did a bit of splattering and edged with green.

Thanks very much for visiting, I hope you all have a good day - I am off to work now.  Another two of my colleagues are retiring - must be my turn soon!!
Janet xx

Wednesday, 26 April 2017


Good evening all,
I love flowers but I like wildflowers, simple and beautiful, rather than all the fancy double blooms.  Cornflowers are one of my favourites, I love the colour and the lovely shape of them, so I was delighted to see that this stamp has been revived.  This is an old design from Clarity, now in a different size.

 I decided to have a rifle through the Clarity paper pads to see whether there was one to suit the cornflower and of course, there is.
The back of one of the papers is quite pale, but has all sorts of bits going on in the background.  I stamped the cornflower in blue archival then masked it while I stamped the words in the background.  I tore the bottom edge at an angle, inked round the edges in blue and curled over diagonal corners, then attached it to the front of the same paper.
I did colour the flower slightly, but didn't want it to bet lost, so left it fairly light.

Stamps used:

Sweet Dreams designer paper pack

You may notice the beautiful snowdrop in the same set - tune in tomorrow for that one

Janet xx

Monday, 24 April 2017

Black Magic Flowers

Good morning!

I am back again after only a day, I have lots of cards to blog, so get used to it (but  only for a little while!)
I saw the 'black magic' technique many years ago and it has been something I keep meaning to do, then we had this lovely set of stamps to use which is ideal for the technique.
You need a fairly solid stamp...
I used  Floribundance from the Special day sentiments set.  This is an old stamp and one of my favourites, I am very happy to see some of the older Clarity stamps making a comeback!

Stamp your image onto black card using a white pigment ink, Leave to dry then colour over the top of the pigment with pencils
 I also stamped the greeting in white ink and matted it over the top.
Easy eh!
I think I intended to add a few doodly dots around, but didn't get round to it!  Maybe on the next one.....

Thanks for visiting,
Janet xx

Sunday, 23 April 2017

A Little Grid

Good afternoon!

It's been a good Clarity weekend, yesterday I did the Claritystampers East workshop with the lovely Bawburgh ladies - I will post pics next week, once the Great Blakenham ladies have done the cards.  I even managed to take some photos on the day - quite a palava!
Also it has been lovely to watch Rossella on Hochanda, demoing with Clarity stamps in a completely different way, I will post my samples for that in due course, but thought I had better finish the last lot of samples first!.

I enjoy working with little stamps and the teeny stamps that came with the outline stamps are wonderful, they are still very detailed even though they are so small.
I did a grid card with the stamps from the Stag set.
Basically, I masked off small areas and filled them with little scenes, it is surprising how much stamping you can get into a small area!

Stamp used:
Outline Stag

Thanks very much for visiting, hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend!
Janet xx

Wednesday, 19 April 2017


Good evening,

I am a bit late blogging tonight, but just wanted to share my fox with you before I go to bed.
I used another of the lovely aperture stamps, this time the leaf.  Along with the leaf, comes a set of teeny stamps to use to make up a little scene in the aperture.  I stamped the leaf then masked around it and did the scene in using mostly brown inks.
Once done, I removed the mask and stamped around the outside with one of the leaves from the set of teeny stamps.
As is my way, I shaded around the edge with more ink, then matted onto brown card.

Link to the stamp set:
Outline leaf

Thanks very much for visiting,
Janet xx

Sunday, 16 April 2017

Paper and Lace

Good morning to you!
I hope you are enjoying the long weekend break - bit chilly here, but nice to have the extra time off work.
I went to a workshop yesterday, it was lovely to sit and make cards and a canvas someone else had designed, and not to have to think about it too much!  I also realised just how hard it is for small independent retailers to make ends meet, so, if you are lucky enough to have a craft shop in your area, do support them, or they will disappear and that would be very sad!  (I did my bit to help and stocked up.....)

The cards today are the ones we made at Claritystampers East, I may well have blogged similar cards in the past, so will just show the pics today.                                                                                              
The first one is done by sticking strips of patterned paper to a square of card, then stamping and cutting out the vase and flowers

 The same, but in different colours...

The background is done by emdossing the lines, then stamping and dragging ink pads over the debossed side.
Stamp and colour the bouquet

Finally, this one is very much based on one Barbara Gray showed on TV - using a gel press to squish through some lovely lace,

Stamps used:

Elegant ladies stencil

Hope you all enjoy the rest of the weekend
Thanks for visiting!
Janet xx

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Spring is here!

Good evening!

One of my favourite things this time of year is when 'my' house martins return.  When I first moved in to this house nearly 20 years ago, my neighbour had lots of martins' nests on her house and mine had netting to stop them.  I removed the netting but had to wait several years before they started to build a nest on my house.  I was so excited when they eventually did!  Since then we have had good years and bad years, I now have three nests outside my bedroom window and I just love waking up in the morning to the sound of these delightful little birds chattering away together.
I am happy to report that the first pair arrived back at the weekend!  I always worry about them!  They have such a long way to fly to get back.

I thought I would share this card in honour of the my mind the birds are martins.
I stamped the outline tree, then masked off each area and added brusho powder, and rather than spritzing, I used a waterbrush to activate the colour - you get a bit more control.  I did sprinkle and spritz a bit as well!

Once it was all dry, I mounted on to another piece of card, which I did sprinkle and spritz.

Stamps used:
Grove tree outline and mask

Thanks for stopping by,
Janet xx

Saturday, 8 April 2017

No place like home...even though there's not mushroom!

Good afternoon,
and isn't it a beautiful day!  I have been out in the garden this afternoon, doing a bit of cutting back - before it all gets out of hand.  I love this time of year, when everything is renewing; trees and shrubs coming into leaf, birds nesting, bees buzzing round etc etc.

The card today is one from the last TV show.  I love the aperture sets Barbara had on, so many ways to use them.
I decided to use the toadstool to make a little house for the lovely fairy to live in (I was not alone with this idea, lots of the DT made it into a little house!)
I stamped onto Kraft card, then drew in the little door with a fine black pen and coloured with pencils
If I am being honest, I had intended to just stamp 'Home' under the Toadstool, but the pen slipped when I was going round the edge of the card, so the 'New' is covering a black line!  I did panic when it happened, I can tell you, but part of the learning curve with making cards is how to cover mistakes!!!  There is usually a way, so don't just throw things away, some of the best ideas come when you are looking to cover an error!!

I hope you are enjoying the lovely weather and are having a great weekend
Janet xx
Stamps used:
Toadstool Outline set
Word Chain 2
Word Chain 9

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Sunburst stag

Hello folks,

Thanks very much for visiting.
Did you enjoy the shows on Sunday/Monday?  Good to see Barbara back in stamping mode, and what wonderful sets.  I wouldn't like to choose a favourite, they are all wonderful.

My card today features the Stag.  I love images of stags, they are such regal creatures (I can't begin to imagine why anyone would want to shoot one!!).  When I was staying with my sister a couple of weeks ago and we spent pretty much the whole time making cards, one of the things I wanted to have a go at was a sunburst card.   We had a little practice and found there are a few pitfalls, but once they are sorted, it is pretty straightforward.      

 Start with the sunburst background..
 First select your papers, I used three gorgeous patterns from the New England Fall paper pad.
This is a 5" x 7" piece of card, so I cut 2 rectangles 6" x 2" from each piece, then cut them in half along the diagonal to give triangles.
The important bit is to decide where your centre is going to be, the line up the triangles so that all the points meet at the centre point.  I laid them all out first before taking the plunge and gluing them all down.  I overlapped the edges while I was gluing, then trimmed back.

I cut a circle from one of the papers and matted it on a die cut scalloped circle cut from the same card I used to mat the background on to.  Stick the sun in place, then trim and mat.
The I stamped and clear embossed the stag onto another piece of paper, then cut him out and stuck him in place.
Link to products used:
Stag outline and mask
New England Fall paper pad

Janet xx

Saturday, 1 April 2017

A nice day

Hello all,

Thank you for stopping by.  Today, it was the Diva Red workshop which is the one Moira and I run together.  We had a lovely time, as always, chatting and making cards.

This card is one of the cards we did today and also one I did for Claritystampers East.

I used the Winter Trees set,
On linen card, stamp the grassy edge along the bottom of the card, then mask off the area under the stamped image.
Ink up the round gel press petite plate (I used fossilised amber) then add texture by lightly dabbing some damp tissue over it, then 'stamp' it in place.
Using a medium brown (I used Gathered Twigs distress ink) stamp the tree branches, then go over again with the Mantles using a green (I used Forest Moss)
Ink around the edges of the card.
On the base card, I used the tree branches to make a frame then added the main image to the centre.
I have lots of little birds from various sets, so used a couple of them to complete the scene.

Hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend!  OOh and don't forget to tune in to Hochanda to watch Barbara and Tina on Sunday and Monday, there are some lovely new things coming up......!!
Janet xx

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Above and Beyond!

Good evening,

I've just realised that I haven't blogged the cards from the last Claritystampers East workshops,  I had been asked to do some cards for men, so this is what I came up with.....

We used the clockwork stencil and the filigraphy balloon for this one.  Tape the stencil in place on the card, then blend distress or artistry inks through.  I used brown, blue and a touch of red and green for this (it does look a bit brighter in real life!)
Remove the stencil and add a bit more ink to take away the starkness
Blend more ink round the edges of the card, then add a few brads
Stamp the balloon on the card and also on a spare piece of card.  Colour the one on the spare piece and just cut out the balloon and layer over the stamped image on the card.

                                    For the second card, I did one which is very similar to one I'd made previously.
Using one of the landscape masks, mask off the top part of the card then add lots of black ink to the exposed part of the card.  Remove the mask, then stamp both balloons in place.
Add some clouds by doing the old torn paper trick                                       Stamp the large balloon onto a spare piece of white card, then colour in and cut out the balloon and layer over the stamped image on the card.          
Stamps used:
Filigraphy Hot Air Balloon set        
Line Sentiments 1 

Landscape Masks  
Clockwork stencil      

Finally, a word about the events in London this afternoon:  I have no idea what motivates people to do some things, all I can do is express my condolences to the families and friends of the people who were killed and to wish the injured a full and speedy recovery!

Thank you for visiting
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Monday, 20 March 2017

A Vase of Flowers

Good morning,

I am back home after spending a lovely weekend with my sister.  We had intended to get out but it was not nice weather, it was blowing a gale most of the time, so we stayed in and got crafty!  My sister doesn't really make many cards, but she has bought a few bits over the years.  We decided to try a few different ideas and she was very pleased with the results.  See her blog Patchwork Allsorts for the cards, you will also see some lovely sewing projects, that is her forte!

I am catching up with blogging again, these cards are the ones we did at the Diva Red workshop, sadly Moira was not well, so it was just me and all the lovely ladies.

This was our first card, we made the background by scoring lines diagonally across the card to make a diamond pattern.
On the debossed side, stamp the solid image from the bouquet set in archival, then drag a distress ink colour across the card.  You should colour the card, but leave the white debossed pattern.
The topper is made by stamping the urn on some lovely Clarity patterned paper, then cut out.  Stamp the line image from the bouquet set onto some spare card, colour and cut out.  arrange them on another piece of card.  Stamp the greeting and cut out
add some gems in the centre of the flowers.

Bouquet set
The Best Wishes is an old stamp, but there is a similar one in this Christmas set (if you cut out the rest of the greeting!)

The second card we did is mostly done with Tim Holtz dies.  I don't use many dies, but I love these ones.  I managed to sneak in the same Clarity greeting!

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Friday, 10 March 2017

Water and Sunshine

Hello all,

We have had a bit of excitement in the village!  I got home from work a few days ago and Simon said that there had been lots of police activity around a house very close to us.. We have just seen that they found a cannabis factory there!  Just goes to show that you have no idea what is going on almost under your nose.

Today's card is one I did for the Diva Red workshop last time (I seem to be very behind with my blogging!)                                                                                                                                                        
The background was done on  watercolour paper.  Add some colour (green and yellow in this case)by blending distress inks, then using a darker green, stamp one of the grasses randomly over the card and spritz with water, so the image blurs and just leaves some patches of colour, stamp gain while the paper is still damp, but don't spritz, so the image remains a bit sharper, then wait for it to almost dry and stamp the image again.  Mount on to a dark green backing card.
For the main image, stamp and blend ink round the edges

This card is one I made for my Kenyan friend, Robin for his birthday.  It took ages to get there! but he got it in the end!