Sunday, 2 February 2014

A day off!

Good morning everyone,

I hope you are all doing okay!  I have got a day off today!  Yaay!  I did two workshops last weekend and one yesterday with Moira.  They are good fun to do, but it can be tiring, so I am pleased to have a Sunday off.  I am going to watch the Clarity shows on TV and just have a nice day pottering round the house trying to catch up with some of those jobs you never get round to doing!

Then a bit of planning for the next round of workshops - hope you can join me for one of them.

These cards are from the Claritystampers East workshops last weekend, all done using the lovey new Chrysanthemum stencil and stamps

Thanks to all the lovely ladies who attend the workshops, you make it great fun!
Have a great Sunday!


  1. Very pretty cards! I really like the chrysanthemums! My favourite is the pink one, really lovely!! :)

  2. Its great Janet ,loved doing that card ,love that stencil , want to watch the show to but it Keelys birthday today she is 6 so have recorded it xxx

  3. So pretty, these are on my wishlist x

  4. No, thank you to you Janet for running the workshops. They are brilliant fun. xx

  5. These are all lovely Janet I love the flower stamp and its stencil. Beautiful xx

  6. These are beautiful Janet - looking forward to the next workshop. x


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