Monday, 15 July 2013

Back to Christmas!

Evening All! 
Sorry about this, but it is back to Christmas cards again!  I must admit, I wouldn't normally start my cards quite so early, but these were the stamps I got to work with for the Clarity DT.  Don't get me wrong, I love the stamps, just a bit early for Christmas for me!
This was my favourite of the cards I did - very simple design, this time a vertical strip with the ships, and a lovely idea to make the carol music scores.  If you like the music scores, keep an eye out, I think there are more on the way....

The ships are from the repositional ship set, you get three stamps on one mount and you can reposition them as you want.
I masked off the card to leave the strip exposed, then brayered with shades of blue - going from bottom to top and getting lighter as I worked my way up the column.
I then stamped the ships in place, using darker ink at the bottom and slightly lighter shades as they got smaller.
I created a bit of shadow under each ship using one of the texture stamps from the 'making a point' set from lesson 15
Remove the mask and add the I saw three ships music score
For the finishing touch, I used a fine line pen to highlight the edges of the strip.
Thanks for stopping by
Janet xx


  1. V ethereal Janet. Lovely card.Its tricky doing christmas in this weather isnt it!! Xx

  2. I really like this card. It makes a lovely change from the usual Christmas colours.

  3. love this one Janet - never too early to start on the Christmas cards

  4. lovely card Janet, you can stop showing off now, your making all of us look lazy! x

    1. Sorry about that Chris, only a couple more to go!!

  5. Nice one Janet! This was my fav stamp set.


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