Friday, 1 September 2017

Inks, stencils and leaves

Good evening,

Autumn again already!  I am sure time is going quicker.  Someone did explain it to me once: when you are new born, 1 day is your while life time, so it seems like a long time, but as you get older one day gets to be a much smaller percentage of your overall life, so it seems to go by more quickly.  So nowadays a year, or even a decade seem to be going past at a rapid speed!  It kind of makes sense to me.....
Anyway, before another minute whizzes by, let me get on with another card.  This is one I did featuring stencils.
There are a couple of little stamps in here, but it is mostly stencils.
Framework Squares
Fossil leaves petite stencils
Dotty wave and leafy swirl petites

Start by attaching the Framework Squares stencil to a piece of stencil card, just on one side so you can use it as a hinge.
Open it out, so the stencil is not on the card and lay it on some copy paper.  Squish ink over the stencil, then spritz with water, remove the copy paper from underneath and then fold the stencil card over the top and press down, so the ink transfers to the card, it may not be perfect, but that's okay!
Keep the framework stencil in place and slide one of the leaves under it, blend ink in one square, change the leaves and colours as you go round, inking one square at a time.
outline all the squares with a fine black pen, remove the stencil, add the birds, lightly blend some ink randomly through the dotty wave and add some splatters and lines.
This was a really fun card to make, I thoroughly enjoyed myself!
Thanks very much for visiting!
Janet xxx

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