Saturday, 8 April 2017

No place like home...even though there's not mushroom!

Good afternoon,
and isn't it a beautiful day!  I have been out in the garden this afternoon, doing a bit of cutting back - before it all gets out of hand.  I love this time of year, when everything is renewing; trees and shrubs coming into leaf, birds nesting, bees buzzing round etc etc.

The card today is one from the last TV show.  I love the aperture sets Barbara had on, so many ways to use them.
I decided to use the toadstool to make a little house for the lovely fairy to live in (I was not alone with this idea, lots of the DT made it into a little house!)
I stamped onto Kraft card, then drew in the little door with a fine black pen and coloured with pencils
If I am being honest, I had intended to just stamp 'Home' under the Toadstool, but the pen slipped when I was going round the edge of the card, so the 'New' is covering a black line!  I did panic when it happened, I can tell you, but part of the learning curve with making cards is how to cover mistakes!!!  There is usually a way, so don't just throw things away, some of the best ideas come when you are looking to cover an error!!

I hope you are enjoying the lovely weather and are having a great weekend
Janet xx
Stamps used:
Toadstool Outline set
Word Chain 2
Word Chain 9


  1. Fab card Janet. Clever covering up.too xx

  2. What a cute little card and you would never have known you hadn't planned the 'New' from the start! Hope you are enjoying some more time in your garden!! Chrissie xx

    1. Thank you Chrissie, I hope to do more gardening on Monday xx


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