Monday, 14 November 2016


Hello again,

I'm back with another blog - don't get used to it though!  I am a bit inconsistent with my blog posting!
Monday is my new day off work, so I am having a nice, relaxed day today, just me, the cats and Jules Holland and his band.  I have done my housework for the day and am catching up on card samples, but I have to keep stopping to do a bit of rock n' roll dancing.  Just as well no-one is watching!!

This card was shown on the last TV show Barbara did on Hochanda.  I am enjoying using the Jayne Nestorenko floral designs, they are so nice to colour in.
This card did not end up at all like I intended...but I am quite pleased with the result anyway.
I had wanted to do something with brushos but it didn't work out, so I found an old background I had done previously and stamped the Poinsettia (I may have embossed, I can't remember now!) then coloured in by using the Artistry Inks with a damp paintbrush, they work really well like that.
I used reds and oranges, but it looked a bit flat, so I added a touch of Golden Turmeric (my new favourite colour!!) which lifted and brightened it all.
I used the Pine branch round the edge in black, but it looked a bit dark, so I added other bits in lighter colours to soften it a bit.
I hope you are getting on with your Christmas cards, my lovely friend in Kenya has sent me 100 of his little paintings, so I am gong to spend an evening getting them all mounted up.  I will show them on here when I've got some done, they are fab little pictures!
Thanks for stopping by,
have a good day!
Janet xx


  1. Lovely artwork with the poinsettia, I especially like the background.please do blog your friend's artwork. Enjoy the rest of your day off x

  2. This is a very pretty card.... even if it wasn't what you originally had in mind! Chrissie xx

    1. Thanks Chrissie, sometimes it works out better that way! xx


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