Sunday, 6 November 2016

A little bit serious

Hello all,
I hope you are enjoying the weekend.  It is a bit of a rare one for me - no workshops and not too much prep to do!
I am going to share a card, but first I just want to mention the plight of a Dr I worked with.  His name is Dino and he has a young nephew in Myanmar who has developed leukaemia and is seriously ill.  His only hope is to have a bone marrow transplant and this will cost £200,000 which the family can't afford.  There is a fundraising page here, if you feel you could help, that would be wonderful.  The sad irony is that Dino is a haematology Dr and has helped many patients in the UK through similar sorts of treatment.
I work for the NHS and am one of the first to moan on about its many failings, but this has made me realise how lucky we are in the UK to have the NHS; worrying about being able to afford treatment rarely happens here and if Dino's little nephew was in the UK, he would get this treatment free of charge!
I can't promise to not moan in the future, but I will also remember to appreciate what we have!

So onto my card, this one is one I did for the last TV show, using the Holly and Ivy set again..

I often do a central image with a frame by masking, but for this one, it is a separate piece of card.
I used watercolour card and stamped the image, then coloured in by painting with artistry inks, these work really well for paining, just squish a bit of ink on a mat and pick up with your brush.
Once I had done the painting, I stamped the words, then it all looked a bit bare, so I got out my speckling brush covered up the image and went to town!!  There are speckles of all colours

I mounted this piece onto a dark green background.
For the background piece, I stamped the ivy all round the edge of the card, then painted them too.

Thank you for visiting, and please spare a thought for Dino's little nephew, if you can.
Enjoy the rest of the weekend
Janet xxx


  1. Lovely design. Really hope your Doctor Friend's nephew gets the help he needs xx

  2. Beautiful card Janet! I hope that poor little boy gets the donations he needs. Chrissie xx

  3. this is a great card. yes we are lucky her with the nhs. i work there too and moan as well, but am aware of how lucky we are to have such a service. but we need to look after it otherwise it will be lost, hugs xx

  4. Hi Theresa, It is sad to see the NHS in so much trouble, but it is still a fantastic resource xx


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