Friday, 21 October 2016

Fourth Anniversary

Hello all,

Today is the fourth anniversary of the Claritystampers East workshops!  It was four years ago to the day that I did my first one in Bawburgh.  I can remember being quite nervous on the day, I didn't know most of the people who were comingand hadn't taught that many people before.  Of course there was no need to worry, everyone was very lovely and we had a great time.

Some ladies on the day were just coming as a one off, but some are still coming and have become friends.  There is much more to card-making than just making cards isn't there?
Sadly, I can't find a picture of the cards we did so today's card is one I did for the last Clarity show on TV.

 I used the new Christmas Bauble set for this one.
I like doing little scenes inside small apertures, and this little bauble is perfect for just that!
I did the frame first, tape a square mask to the centre of the card and stamp the snowflakes round in various colours.
Remove the mask and stamp the bauble in place, then do the little scene and colour in the robin.
The 'Season's Greetings' is stamped on a separate piece of card.
To finish off, I add a fine line round the inside edge of the frame with a black pen and inked round the outside edge.
Finally, I added some white 'snow' inside the bauble and some speckles outside it.

Hope you have a lovely day!
Janet xx


  1. Can't believe it was four years ago! You have made some wonderful cards in that time! Chrissie xx

    1. Thank you Chrissie, time certainly whizzes by!! See you soon xx

  2. I remember being nervous when I attended my first class of Maria's in Shrewsbury. Would I like it? Would I be any good at it? Would anyone speak to me? That was over 3 years ago and I needn't have worried - everyone was so friendly and I have made some good friends. Maria is now half the woman she was when we first met and I am happy to say she is also one of my dearest friends. Love this card too Janet - just my sort of colours. Xx

    1. Hello Dawn, I know many people are nervous about attending workshops and it probably puts people off coming, but I have always found that everyone is lovely. Maria is a fab teacher, I have only been to one of her workshops as I live too far away, but it was great fun xx

  3. I love this card Janet. What colours did you use, they are my kind of colours.

    1. Thanks, Anne. It is a combination of dark blue, light blue and lilac. I know one of the blues was 'Blue Chase' from the Artistry Inks, but can't remember the others - sorry! xx


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