Monday, 29 August 2016

August workshops

Hello folks,

Are you having a good bank holiday weekend?  It's always good to get an extra long weekend isn't it?

On Saturday, it was the Claritystampers workshop in Bawburgh and last Sunday at Great Blakenham, so today's cards are the ones we did there.  
I always let people choose their own colours when I do workshops, and I am constantly amazed at the beautiful colour combinations people use.  I learn so much!  I also enjoy how everyone can be given the same raw ingredients and yet the finished results can be so different!  One of these days, I will get it together to remember to take some photos.  (Ladies if you are reading this - remind me!!)

We did all the cards with one stamp set The Bird and Flower Row and one stencil The F[oral Stripe

For the first card, I used a technique I learnt at the Clarity Retreats recently, Tape the stencil to the card, the sponge white acrylic paint through - two light coats is better than one heavy one, so you don't squish under the stencil.  Remove the stencil and allow to dry, then add lots of lovely bright coloured inks.  The paint will resist the ink, and you can wipe over the paint to get it a bit whiter.
I used my new Artistry inks for this - they are rather fabulous!!  As  a couple of finishing touches, I drew a black line round the edge of the stencilled area (makes a huge difference to the finished look!!) and also highlighted the flowers with a pencil and paper stump.
On a separate piece of card, stamp the birds, and sponge the same colours over them too, then cut out and add to the stripey background.

For the second card, we did a Brusho/Burst background in blues, and lifted a bit of the colour to make a sky, allow to dry, then brush with talc and stamp and emboss the birds, then paint them with diluted Burst/Brusho.  I used some grey under the line to make a branch

For the third card, the main strip is done by stamping the flowers in different colours, brushing the same colour over that area of the card, then lift the colour from the flower with water and blotting with kitchen roll, then adding lots of dots.  (I don't think this shows very well here!)
The background pieces are just stamped and brushed with inks.

I'm off the get Christmassy - samples to make for the Clarity TV show at the weekend!  I know folks moan it is too early, but there really aren't that many card-making days til Christmas!

Hope you enjoy the rest of your BH weekend,  thank you for visiting.

Janet xx


  1. It was a lovely day Janet, it was amazing how different the results were, wish I had thought of some of the colour combos!

  2. Beautiful cards Janet! I particularly like the flowery one! Chrissie xx

  3. Great designs Janet, looks like a fabulous workshop , bet you all had a wonderful day......Enjoy your Christmas crafting...xx


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