Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Remember me?

Hello Folks,

I'm back in Blogland - sorry it's been so long since my last post, but I have had a slightly quieter time on the card-making front.  I haven't had so many workshops and the last Clarity show on TV was just Groovi, so I had a bit of time off and have actually done some gardening and spring cleaning, which has been good....

This card is a bit of an experiment.  I used a stencil with coloured parchment.  I placed the parchment over the stencil and made a start - I had to be careful not to puncture the parchment.
I used the huge size ball tool to emboss the spaces, I slowly decreased the size of the ball tool and left it to rest many times.
Eventually, I used the number 2 size tool to go round the edges.
I attached it to the background card with lots of brads.
There will be more to follow very soon, I did the Claritystampers East workshop in Bawburgh on Sunday and will post the cards after I do the Workshop in Great Blakenham this Sunday.
See you soon
Janet xx