Sunday, 3 April 2016

Something new

Hello bloggers,

Don't forget it is Clarity Sunday on Hochanda and there is the One Day Special launching too, so lots of shows on Monday and an absolute 'must have' set of stamps coming up...

Today's card is one of the ones I did for the Diva Red workshop on Saturday,  I bought some of the new Distress Crayons and have been itching to try them out and decided that this was my chance!
I used two Clarity stencils:Trellis and Filigraphy Flower and the Filigraphy Foliage set of stamps, which matches the stencil

I checked you Tube for ways of using the crayons and most users said they worked best on card if it had been Gesso'd, so we started by doing that!  Apply a thin layer of white gesso to some card and allow to dry.
I cut a square piece of the card and applied lots of colours of the crayons, blending slightly with my finger as I went.
Put the trellis stencil over the coloured card and wipe with a baby wipe to remove some of the grayon, so when you lift the stencil you are left with a colourful patterned background.
I cut this into 4 squares and mounted on black card
For the main image, we used another piece of card and placed the filligraphy flower stencil over the top, very lightly inked through so you can just see the image, then remove the stencil and stamp all the petals in place using the filigraphy foliage stamps and archival ink.  (You have to make sure the stencil is the right way round for this otherwise the stamps don't fit!!)
Allow time to make sure the ink is dry, then add colour with the crayons - nice and bright!
Hope you have a fab day!
Janet xx


  1. I love this card! Looks like the crayons worked well! Chrissie x

  2. Looks great Janet, love the stencil/baby wipe background. Think I may have to add crayons to the wish list......

  3. This looks lovely, Janet. I haven't seen the crayons before, they've made a lovely background. xx

  4. Love the mixed colour background effect Janet.


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