Friday, 19 February 2016

Simple Grasses

Good morning all,
Just a quick post today, I should really be getting to work!  Today's card is one of my samples for TV - using the beautiful Meadow Grasses

I simply stamped all the grasses in a row and coloured in!  Not quite as easy as that though - because it is such a simple design, there is no room for error, so the stamping has to be perfect ( took me a few goes, what with my dodgy thumb an' all!)
It all has to be straight, and to achieve that I put a piece of masking tape along the bottom edge, lining it up carefully on my mat to make sure it was straight! I stamped so that the very end of the stems was just on the masking tape.  I then covered it up with a ribbon, so it didn't really matter!! (but I promise it was properly straight!)  I decided to leave it that simple, I think the images are beautiful and don't have to have much else.
Gotta go!
Thanks for dropping by,
Janet xxx


  1. That is lovely - I really like the clean and simple style. You've inspired me for the weekend!

    1. Thanks Deborah, I hope you have lots of fun!xx

  2. Ooo! I love this one too. (I'm reading your blog backwards!) So elegant and lovely colours. x


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