Saturday, 12 September 2015

Random Groovi

Hello folks,
Another week just flown by - they definitely are getting quicker!  I have had a very nice week to myself - it has been lovely to not have to go to work, so I've got lots of spring cleaning done (I know it's a bit late in the year - but better late than never, as they say!) and I've got some samples done for the next Clarity show coming up on Hochanda at the end of the month.  Just don't ask if my craft stuff is all neat and tidy...
Today's card is a sample I did for the last show, just using the Groovi Square nested frames and borders sets 1 & 2

This was one of those where I had a rough idea of what I wanted to do, but it was pretty much made up as I went along.
I started by doing the outside double square to make a frame then filled it with the scallop from the border plate, I added a row of dots round the inside.
I added a double square in the centre, then filled that with the ribbon pattern.
I added another square at an angle in the centre of that then used the leaft border to fill in the spaces.
I was left with the centre square empty, so I had a bit of a think, then decided to add a Zentangle pattern called Rick's Paradox.  I used the lines from the square to build the pattern.
Then I embossed it all - my favourite bit, I enjoy the way it all slowly builds up.
I used a piece of brusho'd card as a background and attached it with brads.  I have to confess, I was rather pleased with the result.
As I have said before, I am not a parchment expert, but I have been picking up tips, the two most useful are: 1.don't overwork the parchment, do some embossing, then leave it to rest and go over it again and 2. use really light strokes.
Thanks for visiting, I hope you have a good weekend and for those of you going to the Clarity open days near Catterick I hope you have a fab time (of course you will!)
Janet xx


  1. Lovely Janet.....I feel a real zentangle parchment might be coming soon!!!

  2. Oh I love this Janet very intrigued as to how you did that bit in the centre xx

    1. It is easy to do, but difficult to explain, but there is lots on you tube...

  3. Oh I love this Janet very intrigued as to how you did that bit in the centre xx

  4. Fabulous design Janet, with such an individual look , it is great to see how you have got the Groovi bug...
    Glad you had a good


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