Monday, 7 September 2015

Crafty weekend

Good morning and happy Monday!

I am not normally much of a fan of Mondays as it usually means back to work after a much too short weekend, but I am having a day off today, so this is a good Monday for me!  I thought I would do my blog first, then I have lots of jobs planned.....  Also, my stamps have arrived for the next Clarity TV show on Hochanda, so I will get started on making samples.  That was exciting! The move to the new channel, I like the relaxed style they have there, so it should be good, once they have chased out a few gremlins!  Barbara will be on the last Sunday of each month 2-4pm .
There are also the Clarity Open Days coming up at the weekend in Colburn, near Catterick - tickets are still available from Claritystamp
It was the Diva Red workshop on Saturday, fortunately it passed without incident - no medical emergencies this time, all the mica safely out of the way!
These are the two cards I did....

We did this one in the afternoon, I am getting a bit braver with my parching, so as well as colouring and embossing the lovely tree, this time I also pricked through all the little circles and I used the borders to edge it (I cut out with scissors - I know that proper parchers do a pricked edge!) and added a greeting - once you get used to the idea that everything is back to front, it gets easier!
I also added a little bit of extra detail to the star - just because I could!
Items used:
Groovi plate Christmas tree
Groovi border plates 1& 2 set
Groovi border plate Alphabet

This card is actually one I did at another workshop a while ago, but I rather like it, so I thought I would repeat it at Diva Red.  The trick is to stamp the baubles first, then mask and stencil the background pine leaves in place.  I used three different greens to do the stencilling and moved the stencil slightly each time.
The baubles are coloured with promarkers and Moira added glossy accents over the top of hers, which is lovely, so I may well do that too.
Items used:
Remountable Christmas bauble rounds
International Christmas words
Pine needle stencil

We made two other lovely cards, which were Moira's design, but one of them I haven't quite finished yet, so will post later the other is one that needs to be photographed, not scanned, so I can't show that one - it is fab though!

Thanks very much for taking the time to join me
Janet xx


  1. Very pretty cards.... love the Christmas tree especially! :) x

  2. Enjoyed both these cards, and I will finish the Christmas tree, I promise!

  3. Enjoyed both these cards, and I will finish the Christmas tree, I promise!

  4. Like them both Janet but love the Xmas tree.

  5. Both beautiful cards Janet, hope you enjoyed your day off and that you are having a lovely

  6. I am so thrilled that you all seemed to enjoy the Christmas tree as that was my original design that Barbara Gray very kindly transferred to a Groovi plate. It was a great honour for me.


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