Sunday, 31 May 2015

Simply Shepherd's Purse

Good morning and happy Sunday,

It is raining like it is set in for the day here, so I am going to finish off my samples for the Clarity TV show next Sunday, there are some fab new things coming up, so don't forget to tune in!!

Yesterday, I did the Claritystampers East workshop in Bawburgh and last Sunday, I was at Great Blakenham, so I am posting two of the cards we did at these workshops.  We used the lovely Shepherd's Purse stamp set, designed by Amanda Branston, a very pretty and versatile stamp set!

The first card  is a very simple design, firstly, create a rectangle aperture by masking the card, then add yellow ink (I used Mustard seed and Fossilised Amber).                                                 Keep the mask in place and stamp the words all over the background using yellow ink                                             Remove the mask and stamp the flowers in place, then use some water to lift the colour from any flowers that are yellow. Colour the seed pods green with pencil,                               Draw a fine black line round the rectangle shape and also round the edge of the card, then add some green round the edge of the black lines.                                                                         Splatter some green ink and finally use white gel pen to colout the flowers
Here are a couple of pictures of some of the cards made by the Bawburgh group, I am making a cup of coffee in the background of the first one!!  Thanks to Veronica and Heather for the photos

This was the third card, made using Brushos.
We used watercolour paper and spritzed lightly before sprinkling a tiny amount of the brushos on, then add more water and watch the colour explode!
I always wimp out a bit and tone it down by dabbing with kitchen towel.  Veronica, who is a bit addicted to Brushos, said that you could put another piece of card over the top and get two backgrounds for the price of one! ((Worth a go!)
I gave the ladies several bits of card to play with and I have to say, there were some most fabulous pieces of work created!
The idea was to get a darker background piece and a lighter piece to stamp on.
Once everyone had created their masterpieces, it was just a case of stamping on the lighter piece and colouring in the leaves.  I left my flowers as they were, but if you want them white, try using bleach to lift the colour
All finished in time to get home and watch the cup final (if that's what you wanted to do!!)  I think everyone enjoyed that, even though it did get a bit messy!
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
Janet xxx


  1. Looks like you all had a lovely time and made some fabulous cards! :) x

  2. Thank you, Chrissie, I hope everyone enjoyed it

  3. it was a great day Janet - especially with a chance to feed my brusho addiction!

    1. Glad to help, Veronica! I may be getting a bit addicted myself, now,iIf only I could find a way to combine Brushos with Zentangle....!

    2. just read this - I love my brushos too how about just doing a coloured background with the brushos and just zentangling an open type tangle on top with black - I bet it would look cool xx

    3. I will give that a go Linda, It sounds like it would work really well x

  4. Oh Janet these are lovely - I saw them on FB but these are better pictures. I am a bit upset though that your Bawburgh workshop is not later this month ----I am coming down to Suffolk in a couple of weeksxx

    1. Thanks Linda, I am doing a workshop in Suffolk on 5th July, if that is any good, it would be lovely to meet you xx

  5. These are lovely cards Janet. I missed a great day. Think I'm going to buy these stamps they seem so lovely and versatile. xx


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