Saturday, 28 February 2015

Rows of trees

Hello folks ,

Thank you for visiting.  I would also like to say thank you for the comments you leave too - I always enjoy reading them
These are the last couple of cards I did for the last Clarity show - just in time for the next one on Sunday.  You have to tune in for that, especially if you like fairies.....!

I did this card with the tree rows set, I love the funky style of the trees.
It is pretty much stamped and coloured in, then I did a bit of 'splattering' - my new favourite thing to do.  It looks great and there isn't too much that can go wrong - just make sure you keep anything you don't want splattered out of the way!!!

The second card is made with the 'In the Country' set.  Another row of trees  along with a cat, dog and hares.

I kept this very simple, just stamping and colouring and making the background in the usual way.
This time I used a fine black pen to outline along the hills and round the sun.
I printed the words out, then matted them on the same card as the main picture.

Have a fab weekend, don't forget to watch Barb on Sunday - I am recording it to watch after the Great Blakenham workshop, looking forward to seeing all the ladies again!

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Easton workshop

Hello folks,

Yay!  It's Thursday!  My day off work, so I've done the boring old housework bit, doing a quick blog, then I'm off to design some cards for a workshop.  Luckily it is chucking it down with rain, so I don't feel guilty about neglecting the garden!

These are some cards we did at the Easton craft group last Thursday evening, all using Claritystamps of course....

The first card is similar to one I've shown on here before, but ~I didn't say how it was done, so here goes...
Attach the very lovely stencil to a piece of square card, then using torn paper masks, add some grass and sky.
With the stencil still in place, draw all round it with a fine black pen.
Remove the stencil, then colour in the tree with distress markers
Stamp some of the fab Wee Folk in place.
Use the fine black pen to run across the layers of grass, then add another line (A squiggly one!) round the outer edge of the circle and colour in the spaces you create.
I printed the words out, then mat a layer everything

For the next card, I started by colouring a piece of linen card with distress inks, cut up into squares, then stamp the solid image from the floral bouquet set on four of the squares, I blotted the image first to give a faded look
The main square is a bit bigger than the others, I stamped the line art image on this, then carefully bleached out the colour from the flower petals (using actual bleach!).  I coloured the leaves green, then once all the ink was dry, I used the solid image to stamp versa mark over the top and added sparkly embossing powder, so the flower ends up sparkly and the background remains matt
Mount all the squares on black card, then stamp the base card round the edge with the line art stamp and arrange as you like.
Add gems to the flower centres as a finishing touch

I'll be quick with this one..
~Use the moon masks from Clarity to brush ink through to make lots of circles,
Stamp the greeting on a strip of parchment and attach it to your spotty background
Attach a flower!

Have a wonderful day
Janet xx

Saturday, 21 February 2015


Morning all!

I hope you have a fab weekend planned, I am off for a meal with the family later, to celebrate my birthday later in the week, then tomorrow is the Bawburgh Claritystampers East workshop - looking forward to that, as always.  Also, CLARITY HAVE A SALE THIS WEEKEND!!, so a good time to do a bit of shopping!!

This card is one of my samples from the last Claritystamp TV show, The Parakeets is a big stamp, so it comes with one of the mega mounts, I also used one of the stamps from the tree rows set

The background is done by spritzing left over ink on my mat and picking it up with card - this is a really good way of using up your ink, rather then just cleaning it up, plus, you have a stock of backgrounds for when you need them!!

I stamped the trees and coloured them in

The parakeets are on a stamped onseparate piece of card  I coloured in with Distress markers, using the same colours for the birds and trees.  (I googled parakeets to see what colour they were and pretty much anything goes!!)

With a fine black pen, I added some dots and lines in the spaces behind the birds and added lots of little circles for the branches

Once everything was dry, I glazed the birds by 'colouring' them with a versamark pen and adding clear embossing powder.  Mat on to black card, and add to the background, which I also mounted on black
Have a great weekend, whatever you are up to
Janet xxx

Saturday, 14 February 2015

A Heart on Valentine's Day

Good morning folks,

I hope you are all having a great weekend so far - a bit dull and drizzly here, so a perfect day for making cards, which is just as well as I have loads to do!!

I thought I would share a 'Heart' card - well it is Valentine's day after all!

This is a card we made at the Claritystampers East workshop last time.

Start by masking off the bottom of a piece of linen card, then add a little bit of colour to the rest of the card.  I fished out all my word chains, then chose words appropriate to the occasion, so in this case: Love, Celebrate, Forever, Dream, Promise, Hope.  I stamped the words in two different colours, then removed the mask and added a black line along the base of the coloured part with the thick end of a sharpie pen.

The heart is a die cut shape - I stamped the couple from the Wee Folk collection in place first, then added some of the same colour ink to the background, with an extra dark bit for them to stand on.  I went round the edge of the heart with a fine black pen, then added it to the base card, making sure the 'ground' lined up nicely with the line on the card.
'Conrgatulations' is another word from the new word chain set. I matted it all on to a thin layer of black card, then on to the main card.

There were lots of variations of this done by thr ladies at the workshop, there are so many words and figures to choose from.  It made a really nice anniversary card using the couple on the bench and words like Memories and Remember, Forever

I have also done a baby version

Take care
Janet xxx

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Weekend workshop

Good morning all,

Happy Sunday!  I am feeling better today, sorry for being miserable last time!  I still have a sore throat, but am feeling a bit more energetic!

On Saturday, Moira and I did our Diva Red workshop, which is always lovely, we have a fab group of ladies attend regularly, the first two cards here are my versions of Moira's cards, both using lovely stamps from Hobby Art

We blended some ink through an aperture to create the shape of the flowers, then stamped the centres in place, I outlined mine with a black pen and added card candi for the centres
I used a fabulous background set round the edges and on the die cut butterflies.
It seemed a shame to waste the ink on my mat, so I spritzed it and picked it up on another piece of card and used that for the backing paper.
I really enjoyed making this one!
We used the bleeding tissue technique (adapted by Moira!!) to make the background for this and to make a piece of card to stamp the flowers on - very pretty!

This card is a slightly different version of one you have seen before....

I will blog separately about this one, I don't want you falling asleep!!

Have a great weekend
Janet xxx

Friday, 6 February 2015

The Wee Folk

Hello Folks,

Sorry it has been so long since my last blog, I have been feeling a bit sorry for myself!  I had just about got over the horrible sore throat/chest infection virus that has been going round, then I got a cold, so I am feeling very washed out.  I know in the overall scheme of things, this isn't the end of the world, but I am fed up of it!!

These cards are all done exactly the same way, just with different arrangement of the bits!  We did this at the Claritystampers East workshop.

 We started with two A5 pieces of Claritycard and brayered two colours on each card (the good thing is that it doesn't have to be brilliant brayering!!)  Spritz the card with water, then put cling film over the top ans squish the ink around, then leave to dry.

 Once dry, remove the cling film.
Use one piece for the background and the strip across the centre, mat both these pieces on black.

Cut three squares from the other piece of A5, then stamp with the wee folk, with a fine black pen, draw squiggly line and dots to finish the scene
Mount the square on black , then spend a bit of time arranging the bits on the card before sticking together

The stamps used are the very lovely Wee Folk stamps (set 2) from Claritystamps

Have a great weekend
Janet xxx