Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Napa Valley

Good morning all,

How are you?  I thought I was getting over this cough, but it has just started to get worse again.  I normally wear contact lenses and had to stop wearing them for a while as my eye got a bit infected.  Last weekend, I thought my eye was clear, so I tried the lenses out - didn't go well - a bit of a horrible mess, and now my other eye is all red and infected!  No more lenses for a while!!

Anyway, back to stamping!  Did you manage to watch both of the Clarity shows from the USA?  They are still available to watch on the American Create and Craft website.

This is another of my samples from those shows, using the Napa Valley stamp and stencil, I really like these smaller size stencils

I stamped the image in brown archival then spent a fair while colouring it in.  I masked some areas while I coloured the larger areas like the sky, but some of the gaps are quite small ~(trees and grasses) so I used pencils for them.
Once that was all done, I put the stencil in place and covered the image with the inner part of the stencil so just the frame was showing, then used lots of brown ink and a sponge to colour the frame.
I brushed a bit of ink off the frame to add some shade round the circle. I removed all the masks and stencils then added some shade round the edges.
To finish, I squished some ink on a mat, then spritzed with water, picked the ink up on a brush and 'splattered' it on the card (I covered the main image when I did this) Great fun!
Hope you like it
Janet xxx


  1. Like this too Janet. So pretty when coloured in.

  2. Didn't think I liked these stamps, but now I've seen what you've done with them I'm coming round!

  3. Hello Janet.... hope you are feeling better soon! I still have a cough too! This is a lovely card... I really like the colours and the design. :) xx

  4. Gorgeous card Janet. Love the soft colour pallet and the fab background. I was determined to be good but having seen your samples I couldn't resist them, especially you lone Cyprus card which is superb xx

  5. Hi Janet, really hope you start to feel better soon. Barbars shows from CHA were brilliant , I really enjoyed them . Your design is fab and I love your background...hugs. X


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