Saturday, 20 December 2014

Doodly Owls

Good morning everyone,

Is is really the last weekend before Christmas?  Still, I am getting sorted out!  The Christmas cards have all been sent and the pressies have been bought (but not wrapped yet!) so that's not bad for me!

I had a bit of an extra expense, Meggie, my tortoiseshell cat had to have a couple of teeth extracted yesterday - poor thing looked really miserable, she must have been in a lot of pain - toothache is the worst, isn't it? so off to the vet and a £200 bill.  Just what you need the week before Christmas eh!  Still, she is much happier this morning, so it is worth every penny!

Toady's card is one from the last TV show that got the most comments on fb.  It is my zendoodled owls

I started by stamping the owls in brown archival ink, then I put the flare stencil over the top and drew round it using a fine brown pen.
I removed the stencil and set about filling in all the shapes with doodles.  I think this is a bit of a 'Marmite' technique - I love it, but know people who hate doing it.
Once all the lines were in place, I added some shading with various brown coloured pencils.
I also coloured the owls - I added a few dots on their feathers and a bit of shading.
Trim to size and mount on dark brown card.
Hope you like it!  I am off to attempt to give the cat her antibiotics - wish me luck!!!
Janet xxx


  1. I forgot to tape the programme the stamps were on but the card and stamps are lovely. If it make s you feel any better Janet, both our dogs needed teeth out last week amd the bill was £495. But as you say, they are much happier now.

  2. Hello Janet! This is a really beautiful card! You know how much I like owls!! :) xx

  3. This is a fabulous card Janet. I love the effect of zentangling. The shading you've added really gives it another dimension. Xxx

  4. Such a lovely card, and a great technique x

  5. Fantastic card Janet, and well worth spending the dimensional..
    Your poor cat...good luck with the tablets....hope you have a wonderful


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