Thursday, 11 December 2014

Christmas cards with a Kenyan twist

Hello everyone,

How are the Christmas preparations going??  Me?  I have just started making my own Christmas cards!  I decided that I was going to ask my Kenyan fb friend, Robin to paint me some Christmas scenes that I could use and he sent me some lovely pictures.
I have just spent some time making them into cards, so if you are on my Christmas card list, you may well be getting one sent to you!
Robin is a young Kenyan man who sells his art to raise money for his education.  I think they are beautiful.

Thanks for looking
Janet xxx


  1. Hello Janet! The paintings are really lovely! Looking forward to getting my card! :) xx

  2. What a talented artist you have found there Janet, I love his work...
    Thanks for sharing ....hope you are keeping

  3. Love these cards, we should try and sell some next year.

  4. Janet these are stunning. He should try and find a card company to print and sell them. If I saw a box set in somewhere like M&S I'd buy them in a heart beat x

  5. They're beautiful Janet. Your friend is very talented. x

  6. They are gorgeous. So unique. I love those colours


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