Thursday, 13 November 2014

A Windy Day!

Good Morning Bloggers!

I hope you are all keeping well and enjoying the mild autmnal weather.  We have just discovered a mouse living in the airing cupboard, probably an escapee from one of the cats, so will have the fun of evicting him later!  We do have a humane trap, so it should be relatively easy to put him back outside.  I expect he would much rather be in a nice warm cupboard though!

On with the cards, this is another of the samples from the last TV show.  All stamps available from Claritystamp Ltd

I had a bit of a plan for this one - I did the stamping first in brown archival.  I had intended to use brusho paints to make a sort of 'explosion' of colour round the tree and the man, however I added too much paint and water and it all ended up looking like a right mess!
So I started to mop it up with paper towel and I realised that if I mopped it all in the same direction, it actually looked quite good and quite 'windy'  I was well chuffed I can tell you!!

I stamped the words on a piece of the original 'mess' which didn't look too bad, matted and layered -sorted!
I hope you like it!
Thanks very much for stopping by and if you live in the Norfolk//Suffolk area, you may want to pop over to the Claritystampers East pages, I have added the dates for 2015.
Take care!
Janet xx


  1. Lovely Janet, fabulous colours too.

  2. A great card Janet, the dragging worked to add another dimension to the card. xxx

  3. Your mistake turned out to be a stroke of genius! Adds a great background to the card!! :) x

  4. Oh that poor Mouse can't he stop till Xmas??? Love this card and yes it does look really windy. x

  5. Hi Janet, what a great way to turn a card around...I love the effect of the wind...and it works really well with these stamps.....Jo. X

  6. looks pretty good. would never have known this is the one that went wrong xx

  7. A lovely card! Perfect for a blustery Autumn day and with an uplifting message.That little mouse won't want to be evicted from his warm cupboard. I have spent the last few months rescuing the poor little things from the cat-what a lot of them there seems to be this year!
    Best wishes
    Alison x


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