Sunday, 21 September 2014

Cards from Easton

Good morning everyone,

Happy Sunday to you!  I hope you are having a great weekend.  It is a bit overcast here today, so a good day for making cards, which is just as well because I have lots to do (as always!!)

Today's cards are the ones we did at this month's workshop at Easton.  The ladies make three cards in three hours, so they have to be fairly quick to do.  There has to be time to fit in coffee and cake too!

This for this card, I used some lovely Christmas paper and did a bit of teabag folding.

The foliage is the large Holly and Ivy  and the small Holly and Ivy stamp coloured using distress inks as watercolours

For the second card, I wanted a more vintage feel, so started with cream linen card and inked using various shades of browns to cover it.  Then spritz with water and blot.

Stamp and colour the large Holly and Ivy for the background and a beautiful Celtic Merry Christmas  greeting

The final card is made using one of the Stained glass window stencils, this one is the dove window stencil

Attach the stencil to some card, then brush ink through , I also used a make up sponge to get more depth of colour
Create and aperture of the centre of the stencil (the bit you want to glitter) then place that over the stencil and image and sponge some PVA glue through the aperture (You have to keep the stencil in place or you lose the lines!)
Remove the mask and stencil and add glitter
I know my style is fairly simple, but I think this needs a bit more - maybe a gem in each corner?

All stamps and stencils used are from Claritystamp

I hope you like them!  Thanks very much for stopping by
Janet xxx


  1. These are all lovely Janet! I really like the tea bag folded one!! :) Like the colours used too xx

  2. They're lovely Janet - I'd just leave the last one as it is, it does have glitter after all!

  3. A lovely selection, very elegant designs. I was given a book on teabag folding but not tried it yet. With the last one, how about adding a gold pearl or perhaps a gem in each corner to tie in with the glitter used for the dove? All very elegant either way x

  4. Fab cards, especially the teabag one. I agree that the stained glass window could do with a gem or two, but its lovely anyway.

  5. Beautiful cards Janet. Love how you've just glittered the dove and inked the rest of the window. I love simple too but if you wanted to add something gems would look pretty. x

  6. all fab. if i added anything to last one i would go with the dark colour of your base layer, maybe cosmic shimmer PVA brown. but that is my taste xx


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