Thursday, 7 August 2014

Happy Thursday

Hello folks,

I didn't realise how long it is since I blogged!  It is nice to get back to it.  I have had quite a busy time craftwise recently - two Claritystampers East workshops and the Diva Red one with Moira.  All good fun though and lovely to spend time with all those crafty ladies.

These are the cards we did at the two Claritystampers East workshops in Bawburgh and Great Bakenham, all using a combination of the Roseart stamp along with the Flexible Urn (so called because you can use it either way up) and the small Crackle stamps

This card is all done with gilding flakes, the vase is stamped on one side of a double-sided adhesive sheet which is covered with acetate, and cut out
The other side is covered with gilding flakes and burnished using a sponge finger
The stamp is stamped with FlitterGlu (I think there is a Crafty Notions glue that may work too) Add some of the glue to a piece of cut and dry foam and use that as an ink pad, so you stamp the image with glue rather than ink
The stamped image will stay tacky until you cover it with gilding flakes and again brush off with the sponge finger.
I 'inked' round the edges of the card with the glue inkpad and added more flakes
Mount on to another piece of black card and tear along the bottom edge

For the next card, mask off a rectangle in the centre of a piece of card, then stamp the crackle all round it.  This is a very clever stamp because it will fit together whichever way round you use it and if you leave a bit of a gap, you can simply add a few lines with a black pen.
Remove the mask and stamp the vase in to place, mask off the top of the vase and add the roseart stem
Stamp the vase on a piece of copy paper and cut out, so you have a vase-shaped apertute, the place that over you stamped image and stamp the crackle through it
Colour in bits of the carckle on the vase and round the frame
Put the mask back over the vase and cover with versamark ink, then remove the mask and add clear embossing powder and heat - this will give the vase a nice sheen.
Cut to size and mount up

This is a nice little card, stamp the circle from the remountable Baubles set onto a small square of card, and also onto copy paper.
Cut out an aperture on the copy paper and place over the stamped circle, then stamp the Roseart through the aperture
With the mask in place, add some colour - either by dragging ink with a sponge, or using a stencil brush
For the background, use stamp the Roseart all round the edge of the card in black, then add the crackle in a colour and add a bit of extra ink round the edges
Mat it all up on coloured card
It would be nice to do a Christmas version of this...

Thanks very much for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed it!  Have a wonderful day
Janet xx


  1. these are such elegant cards. lush and beautiful xx

  2. it was a good day at Bawburgh - and the first recorded time I haven't stuck to everything with flitterglu! ( I usually use versamark and stamp'n'stick powder)

  3. Very pretty cards Janet... I like the vase stamp the shape is very Grecian!! xx


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