Wednesday, 13 August 2014

A go with Brushos

Morning all,

I have got lots of cards to post this month because Barbara is doing extra shows.  She did two hours on German TV yesterday and is doing five hours of Christmas on C&C on Thursday - so get a picnic sorted!  My day off work is Thursday, so guess what I'll be doing!!   I wasn't asked to do samples for C&C, mine were all for Germany - more of them in the next few blogs....

This card is one of the samples from the last show

I have just treated myself to a set of Brusho paints - these are little pots of crystals which 'explode' when you spritz them.
The stamp here is the 'Lupins Bunch' and the stencil is a new one 'Stone Wall'
I stamped the Lupins Bunch first, then diluted a red brusho and painted the actual lupins
I wet the rest of the area slightly
I gently sprinkled a tiny amount of various colours on the stamped image (go very easy here, you only need a tiny amount!!)
Then I spritzed with water
I put a few of the various brown crystals on my glass mat and spritzed them, then picked the colour up on a sponge and sponged the colour through the stone wall stencil - avoiding my flowers

Trim and mat onto matching card

Hope you like it!
have a great day
Janet xxx


  1. Looking forward to getting some brushos myself, I've had a quick play with my friend's, very addictive :-)

  2. Did you treat yourself to the whole set of Brushos, Janet? ;) I do love the effects you can get with them and your card looks fab.
    Enjoy Thursday. I'm really looking forward to it too. x

  3. Lovely card, especially like the wall effect! I'm sure you didn't really need another set of paints!! :)

  4. love the flowers against the wall - aren't brushos great fun to use, even if you never know what effect you are going to get! Bet you got the full set and not just the starter one...........................

  5. Thanks for your comments, I always enjoy reading them! Just to put everyone's mind at rest - yes I did buy the whole set of Brushos - but you knew that!!
    Chrissie - I did actually need them!


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