Monday, 30 June 2014

The Shaving Foam Ones

Good evening all!

The two cards I did for the Claritystampers East workshop with shaving foam seem popular, so I thought I would blog them separately.

I used the Filigraphy flower stencil from Clarity for this but it would work with many different stencils.

So... add some shaving foam to a plasic container (the lid of an A5 storage box is ideal).  Cheap and cheerful foam is fine!

Gently smooth the surface a bit, then drop some ink on the foam, we used the distress re-inkers, but following the class one of the ladies has tried alcohol inks and they work too!!  Use three or four colours and leave some foam showing, don't completely cover it!
Use something to swirl the colours together (like marbling)
When you have swirled the colours to your liking, place a piece of card on the inky foam and push it down - don't squelch it right to the bottom of the foam, but make sure it all touches the foam.
Lift out then place on a flat surface and scrape all the foam off and see what you have got!! You may like it, you may not but have another go, it is good fun!
You can re-use the foam many times and add more ink if you like, but not too much or it starts to go 'muddy'.

This part of the technique, I first tried many, many years ago, but while we were in France, some of the Design Team were experimenting and tried it out through a stencil...

Place the stencil on some card, add some inky foam over the top then scrape it off.
Lift the stencil, then you have the stencil shape covered with foam, so you have a choice
1. Scrape the foam off and you may get a bit of ink smudging over the card (which is what I did!)
2. Heat the foam to disperse it and you get a much cleaner image

Once you have some images you are happy with, I outlined all round the stencil to highlight the image.  I like to put the stencil back and run a pen round the inside, but you can do it free hand if you prefer!

Hope you have a go with this, it is the sort of thing you should do and make lots in a batch, rather than as a one off.
Have fun... x


  1. Janet thanks for sharing I want to have a go . These are fab x

  2. Fantastic thanks for explaining this x

  3. Sounds a messy technique but the effect it gives is great! :)

  4. Aha! Now I know I can have a go too :-) Thanks Janet x

  5. Like these two cards, obviously like the brighter one best! Would never have thought of using shaving foam through a stencil, brilliant!

  6. Beautiful work Janet! I do love this technique!

  7. I hope I get enough 'play days' in the summer holiday to have a go at all the wonderful techniques you have all been sharing. This one looks like a good outside one if it is not too windy! Love the cards you have made.


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