Thursday, 12 June 2014

Pan Pastel backgrounds

Hello Bloggers,

Today's cards are both made with a pan pastel background  I love using these, as they blend beautifully and you can get some lovely colour combinations.

The first card is the one I did for the TV show using the lovely Morning Has Broken set and the Flyaway Tree Branch 

I used linen card for this (which always gives a slightly strange effect when I scan it, but looks really nice in real life!!)

Blend a variety of colours over the card, I used green for the ground, blue in the sky and pink, purple and yellow along the middle.
I put them on in rough 'splodges' then blended them all together
Once I was happy with that, I stamped the branch with versa mark and very gently went over that with a darker green - this sticks to the ink and makes the branch show up very nicely.
All the work with the pan pastels is now complete, so I fixed it.  I have got a proper pastel fixative, but I am told hairspray works too.
Once that has dried, the rest is stamped with black archival ink

The second card is done in the same way. just using different stamps.
This time I did pan pastel grasses, but also did some stamped grasses over the top too

Hope you like them

Thanks very much for visiting
Janet xx


  1. really lovely cards Janet - and the linen effect is great in real life!

  2. I love how the pans look on linen cardstock, two beautiful cards, just lovely.

  3. Lovely cards again Janet! Really like the linen effect paper! :) xx

  4. Like the cards, love the linen effect card with the colour blend.

  5. love both. lovely. i think linen card gives a great effect xx


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