Monday, 30 June 2014

Claritystampers June weekends

Good morning bloggers!

I hope you all had a great weekend.  I did the Claritystampers workshops : Bawburgh last Sunday and Great Blakenham yesterday.  It all got a bit messy this time. but we did some nice cards too!

 The first two are the same card in different colours, we used distress re-inkers sponged through the abstract squares stencil to create the background.
Then sponge through the flower stencil to give the position on the card (only the stem is going to show in the end)
All the leaves and petals are stamped out on a separate bit of card using a custom made ink pad and the filigraphy foliage set of stamps.

The inkpad is made by adding re-inkers to a piece of cut and dry felt - lovely technique to create multi-colours
Add a touch of glitter to the petals, then cut out and mount on the background

The next two were done from the same two inkpads, just stamping a couple of the petals on some linen card, cutting it into three and mounting up with a flower and greeting.

We needed an easy one after the stresses of the first one and working out which petals went where and which way round!
A bit too much figuring stuff out for a Sunday morning!!

The third card is done with shaving foam - I will blog that separately...

Thanks to all the ladies who come to my workshops, you are all wonderful xx

Thanks for visiting
Janet xx


  1. Lovely Techniques Janet and as always your work is stunning x

  2. Fab cards Janet, I'm sure your ladies had a great time! x

  3. Wow! These are all beautiful cards!! Isn't it amazing how different the same design can look just by making it with a different colour!! Really like them all and I'm interested to hear about the shaving foam!! xx

  4. Brilliant cards Janet! I look forward to reading about your shaving foam cards as I've never tried it before but it looks like marbling, lovely :-)

  5. All of the cards are lovely Janet. I still haven't tried the shaving foam. I keep getting my Gelli out, but I do love the effects you can get. xx Sam

  6. Brilliant cards Janet, I love them all....looks like you had a fantastic weekend....your ladies are very lucky....hugs...Jo. X

  7. we had a great time Janet - Marion loved it, but had a bit of explaining to do at work in the evening about her inky mitts!

  8. Oooh messy! Lovely, sorry I missed it. Shaving foam backrounds gorgeous xx

  9. Great cards! I just love the shaving foam technique, each one different.
    Seeing these has made my mind up, I NEED both these stencils, already have the abstract squares, which I LOVE, just need the flower, so onto the wish list with it.

  10. Great cards Janet, glad you posted them as I can see where I went wrong now.


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