Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Apologies to Mondrian

Evening all,

I hope you are having a great day!

This card is one of my samples for the TV last time.  No stamps on this one - just one of the Abstact squares stencils from Clarity.

As soon as I saw this stencil, I wanted to colour block it!  I had a quick look on the web to get some ideas and came across the work of Piet Mondrian - so it is with apologies to him, that I present this card!
It is very easy, but attention to detail is key
I traced round the stencil to get the black lines round the edge of each square - I started by using my normal fineliner pen - too thin, the line didn't show well
Then I used a promarker - too thick , lots of 'blobs' in the corners
Finally, I tried a sharpie pen - just right!!

I was quite careful picking the colours I used too and tried several different shades of each before I made the final decision (I used promarkers for this)
Then it is just a case of careful colouring - I did several layers in all the squares to get a deep, block colour with no streaks or pale bits.  I was also very careful to keep in the box so there are no little bits outside the lines.

I was very tempted to add a word or message, but Simon said 'no!' and just this once, I did as he suggested!!
Hope you like it
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  1. Love it Janet. It appeals to the mathematician in me. xx

  2. i love this Janet. reminds me of 80's and a curl spray i used o buy for my hair ;) xx

  3. Morning Janet, wow, I love this and it looked fabulous on tv. You rock kiddo.....x

  4. lovely and bold, beautiful card.

  5. Love the colours Janet. I can see the potential in this stencil.


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