Saturday, 8 February 2014

Time marches on!

Morning everyone!

Hope the weekend finds you well!  I hope you are all managing to stay dry!  There is a field at the back of my house and it is virtually under water, but so far the house is safe, which makes me luckier than many people out there!  Let's hope the rain eases off for a while to give everything a chance to dry out.
I am off to a wedding this afternoon, so hopefully we might even get a bit of sun - it is looking quite promising so far.....

Today's card is one I did using stencils only - no stamps!  I used two stencils from the new range at Clarity; 'Time and Tide' and 'Seaweed'

 I placed time and tide on the 7x7 cardstock,
then seaweed over the top
using the stencil brushes, I brushed various blues and browns onto the card
I removed the seaweed stencil
and brushed a bit more ink over, so the seaweed was more faded
With time and tide still in place, I used a fine blue pen to go all round the stencil
Remove time and time
Add a few little clock faces
Mat and layer
There you go!

Hope you like it

Thanks very much for visiting and thanks to those of you who leave comments, i enjoy reading them!

Have a great weekend
Janet xx


  1. Like the watery effect in the background! Very clever! :)

  2. Very effective , looks great using these stencils together, they are going on my wish list :-)

  3. Hi Janet, I loved this card the first time I saw it, your tide is so good, it almost has movement in it. I like you little clocks to, good doubling of Stencils. You can tell I like it can't you. Have a lovely day at the Wedding, fingers crossed for good weather. xx

  4. Lovely card Janet. It'dry and sunny here at the moment, hope the same is true for the wedding. x

  5. I'm liking the tidal movement. I bought this stencil and am now itching to use it. It looks so versatile. Love the use of the clocks to dot both the i s.

  6. very interesting Janet -definitely watery effect

  7. lovely effect. at times i think it looks like sand and then i change my mind and it think it looks like the sea. possibly a compromise and say seabed hence incorporating sand and sea. very clever xx

  8. Morning Janet...I hope you had a lovely time at the wedding and that the weather was good for you all..I loved this sample when I saw it on the TV....very effective way of using both stencils....hugs....Jo. X

  9. just catching up in blogland Janet hope you had a lovely time at the wedding. This is fab would make a great man card too.. Hope the water stays in the field and doesn't come to visit your house xx

  10. What a stunning card Janet. Lesleyx


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