Thursday, 9 January 2014

Fly Away.........

Happy New Year to you all,

Sorry it is a bit late, I can't believe we are so far into January already - time whizzes by doesn't it?

This is the first of the card samples for the last TV show.  It didn't get shown, because the stamps all sold out so quickly!

I used the wonderful new Filigraphy balloon stamps and the fab Pine forest mask (that is going to become a very firm favourite!!) All from Clarity.  I liked both the smaller silhouette and the larger balloon, so thought I would get them both in on the card.

I started by masking the three small and one large rectangles, then I used a brush to ink the rest of the card.
Once I was happy with the coverage, I removed the masks and stamped the silhouette balloons in place in the smaller rectangles.
in the main rectangle, I brushed green and brown ink through the Pine Forest mask, then stamped the balloon in place. 
I added a bit of blue in all the areas, for the sky and squiggled round the frames with a fine brown pen, to add a bit of definition.
I was quite happy with the card now, but just wanted to add a bit more under the main image - my default setting is to put  three card candy, which is what I nearly did.  However I was listening to John Denver while I was making this and he sang a lovely song called 'Fly Away' - very appropriate!!
Sorry for the weird spacing on this post, it all looks fine when I am typing it out, but once it is posted, it gets very spread out - no idea what is going on there!
Hope you all have a wonderful 2014
Janet xx


  1. Love this and ts soft colouring

  2. This is lovely Janet I love the balloons love what you have done with them x

  3. A beautiful card Janet, love the colours. x

  4. Janet,
    What a wonderful card, I can't wait to return to England where these stamps await me. Fantastic blog, thanks for the inspiration.

  5. beautiful - I will be making one similar as a leaving card for a friend jx

  6. Lovely card Janet. Thanks for sharing how you did it. I must have a go at a card like this. x

  7. Hi Janet this card is really lovely, I love the Tone of it. What colour did you stamp in? You know if you centre your text and then do a carriage return mid paragraph etc, it does this? Sam

    1. Hi Sam,

      I stamped using Archival Ink - It was either coffee or potting compost. The whole range Barb has on the website is fab! The colours are just lovely and they have such depth when you stamp them.

    2. thanks for that i was about to ask same thing as i love the shades you've used xx

  8. Lovely card Janet. thanks for sharing xxxxx

  9. p.s. I always do a preview on my blog before posting just to check how it looks and change anything I don't like (or have misspelt).

  10. What a shame your card did not get an airing but it's good to see it now. So soft and gentle. Beautiful. xx Maggie

  11. Beautiful Janet and glad that the girls asked about the ink....thanks Sam...
    These stamps are so versatile and I love how you have used them...have a good weekend...hugs. Jo. X


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