Saturday, 14 September 2013

More trees! (and shoulder blades...)

Hello bloggers!

Greetings from a rather damp Norfolk!  Isn't it amazing how quickly we can go from lovely, hot, sunny days to damp, cold and dull days?

Anyway, can't do any gardening, so may as well make cards!  (every cloud...)
I went for another appointment at my osteopath's on Thursday and this time asked him to sort my neck out as it had been a bit stiff.  I also explained about my strange shoulder.  I was born with one shoulder blade in a strange position, this hasn't really caused me too much trouble, but I don't have a full range of movement in that arm.  He asked me if I wanted him to 'have a go at sorting it out'.  I said 'Yes!'
He did a deep tissue massage, which was very painful, but the results were amazing, he lowered the shoulder (it had been too high!) by 30%!!  I can now look over my right shoulder without turning my whole body and the whole area just feels so much more comfortable - I hadn't realised how much discomfort it was causing me (because I had never known any different!) until it stopped.  Isn't that just amazing!??  I had never had any treatment because I never realised there was anything that could be done.

I am going back again in a month to see if he can improve it further!

So back to cards.... this is another of the sample cards I did for Barbara for the last TV show.  Again, I have used the next 'In the Classroom' set.  This time I used the naked tree and the mantle over the top.

I used the grassy border to make a frame, then stamped the scene inside.
For the trees, I stamped the branches first in Espresso, then added the green over the top.  You have to do a bit of experimenting with the right amount of ink for this, otherwise the branches can look too prominent!

Hope you like it!  I'm off to look over my shoulder ...because I can!!

Take care, Janet xx


  1. Clever use of the grass and a lovely card. Glad you are feeling better.

  2. Beautiful card Janet. I do love those new tree stamps. x

  3. I am so pleased about your shoulder Janet, ...I bet you feel so much better...
    Your card is great and I love the way you have created the border...have a good weekend. Jo. X

  4. glad your shoulder is better. methinks i should visit an osteopath soon. love the way you have created the frame and the whole composition of card xx

  5. Lovely card Janet. I do like the simple design.

  6. Great news about your shoulder Janet.
    And another lovely card.


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