Thursday, 8 August 2013

Black and White (and Robin-coloured) Christmas

Morning everyone,

I am feeling particularly relieved this morning, my Clarity samples for the HSE24 show are in the post - with GERMAN messages on.  I did post some last week, but got my wires completely crossed and put English words on by mistake!  This is one of those cards.
There will be more samples from the German show after it has aired, next week.

Some of  my favourite stamps are the little trees, I love creating hillsides with them.  This is done with just one little tree from the Christmas remountable set, stamped along a torn paper mask onto the Clarity card.  I decided to keep this black and white, but I couldn't leave the Robin, he looked very sad without his red breast, so he got coloured in with promarkers.
I added a touch or two of glitter and stamped the message and the star
Thanks for stopping by  xx


  1. couldn't have a sad robin, now could you! think he adds just the right touch

  2. its lovely Janet ,i just done a black and white one as well xx

  3. This is a gorgeous card English and I am sure just as gorgeous in German...x

  4. Very pretty card!! Like your little robin!

  5. I love this card Janet, such a clever idea just to colour 1 element, I might have to 'borrow' this as it saves so much time if you have loads of card to make. Chris x

  6. You are a master of trees Janet. It looks like a really simple card and is so striking because of its simplicity. But simple it isn't! Quality job x

  7. so atmospheric janet - love this xx

  8. Lovely card Janet but in complete agreement about Mr. Robin x


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