Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Wrought Iron

Hello again everyone, hope you are all enjoying the lovely sunshine, sadly, I had to return to work today after a wonderful couple of weeks off.  They seem to cope without me! 
This is another of the cards for the shows at the weekend, this time using the Wrought Iron kit and Rosie from the Clarity characters.

I decided to go pastel and feminine with this one!  I only used two inkpads, latte and raspberry Adirondacks.  One of my favourite things to do is to create a frame around a scene. 
I do the frame first
Tear a square mask and put into place, then stamp around it all with the small tree from the kit.  I went round in latte and raspberry
remove the mask, then cover the frame.
I inked Rosie, my favourite of the clarity characters, with latte, then inked the larger tree in raspberry and 'kiss stamped' (stamped the tree onto the Rosie stamp) so when you stamp Rosie, there is a pattern on her dress.
Put a moon mask in place
Sponge some raspberry ink round the moon, then remove the mask
Stamp the rest of the images in latte.
Create a bit of shadow under the images, by sponging some more ink in place
Sponge more raspberry in the sky
Colour in the images with latte and raspberry as appropriate
Remove the mask around the frame and use a brown fine line pen to Squiggle round the inside of the frame
ink around the edge with latte
Mount on to brown then pink card

Add flower
Hope you like it!
Janet x


  1. I really like this card. Love the colours you have used. It is a real touch of elegance!

  2. Very nice, quite summery isn't it?

  3. Beautiful card Janet. I love what you've done with Rosie. x

  4. a very pretty card Janet, I really like the colours you have used, I think I need to give this 'kiss stamping' a try some time...

  5. Lovely - I really like the frame idea and the effect you get with the kissed stamp.

  6. love the colours Janet, they go really well together, would never have thought of using raspberry on it's own for the sky, but it works


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