Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Dandelion Fairy

Hello everyone in Blogland, I hope you are all okay!  I did some gardening at the weekend, I can't believe the growth!!  It is like everything has been holding back and now it is warm it's growing like mad to make up!

So, continuing on the garden theme, I thought I would share a card I made a while ago with the stunning Dandelion Fairy, the Dandelion Leaf and the Dandelion Verse.  This card wasn't made for the TV, just for me to sell, but I thought I would share it as the set was on TV recently

I don't know how well this shows up, but everything on this cards was stamped with the wonderful FlitterGlu and covered with Gilding Flakes.  The words on the verse are tiny, but you can still see all the detail - amazing stuff!
I also added some of the FlitterGlu and flakes around the edges of the card before matting and layering onto gold card.
Hope you like it and thanks for visiting!
Janet xx


  1. I like the Dandelion Fairy, very cleverly hidden. Lovely card!

  2. Love this card Janet - funnily enough I was chatting to a lady at Barbara's workshop yesterday and we were discussing this stamp I do like it must add to my wish list lol x

  3. Wow, I love this card janet, I bought the stamp many months ago and haven't used it anywhere near enough....... I really must get it out and use it again

  4. Absolutely stunning... I love the detail and I really must try flakes around the edges. It really is beautiful, and like Linda, I must put it on my shopping list x


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