Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Up, Up and Away!!

How is everyone today?  I hope you are all enjoying your crafting.  I am home after a couple of days in Birmingham - not the easiest of places to navigate even with Ken (my trusty sat nav man with a sexy Australian accent!)  Glad to be home again!
This is a sample card for the Clarity show on the German TV channel, HSE 24, using a kit with all three balloons and the mountains and hills mask.  I have always liked cards with the same image repeated, so this is my take on that idea.

  • Follow the same procedure three times in the different sizes
  • Stamp the balloon in place, using Archival ink on watercolour card, repeat the image on a sticky post it and cut out to make a mask
  • Put the mask in place over the stamped image
  • To create the sky, I used a natural sponge with a very open texture and just sponged lightly with denim, mountain rose and raspberry inks. Sponge to a level just below the base of the balloon image
  • To create the hills, I used the Clarity Hills and Mountains mask- put the mask in position and sponge Lettuce and Oregano inks
  • Move the mask to create a different hill and sponge slate and oregano inks to make a contrasting colour hill
  • Remove balloon mask and colour with Inktense pencils
  • Mat onto blue card
  • Try out your positioning of the three images on to green card before you stick anything down!!
  • Mat onto another layer of blue
  • I also sponged around the edge of the base card, in the same way I did the sky
  • Embellish with card candy
Hope you like it!  xx


  1. Love this Janet. Such a lovely card xx

  2. I think that is really eye catching. I love the use of three sizes. Glad you got back OK, I had visions of you driving round and round spag junction all night!

  3. I certainly went round the centre of Birmingham a few times!!

  4. This is a really cute card Janet! Like the colours you have used!

  5. You get a real sense of distance with this card - like the sky, and the mask looks very useful, would make a nice change from torn paper! Glad you survived the big city - sat navs are great, but don't tell you which lane you are supposed to be in (well, mine doesn't anyway - newer and posher ones may now)

    1. Thanks Veronica, my sat nav is quite good, but still struggled!

  6. Love this card Janet. The sky effect is brilliant. I'm going to have to buy an open sponge.
    My first time driving in Birmingham was when I'd just passed my driving test! But I was young and foolhardy then. Now I make sure I'm the navigator and Barry drives.
    Thanks for sharing how you made the card.

    1. Thanks, Sue - there is something to be said for being young and foolhardy! I'm sure I was once - but it was a long time ago!

  7. Love this Janet and what a great idea to use a natural sponge xx

  8. very clever use of the stamps Janet, i really like this card


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