Saturday, 27 April 2013

Spring has sprung at last!

Hello bloggers!

Well, it is a beautiful day here in rural Norfolk.  The sun is shining (after a shower of rain!), the birds are twittering away and all the doors are open.  I have spotted the first few house martins around, I always love it when they are here!
In honour of all of the above, I thought I would share a 'Spring' ATC I made recently.
  An ATC is an Artist's Trading Card. It has to be 2.5 x 3.5 inches in size and you have to trade it rather than sell it - other than that, you can do what you like!
For this one, I coloured the card first with yellow and green pan pastels.
Stamp the sheep into place - I had to mask one of the little ones and stamp the one behind it.
Rub out the colour from the sheep , so they are white, rather than green, then fix with hairspray (or proper fixative!)
Cut out masks for all the sheep and position carefully
Add the hills by using a torn paper mask and 'Meadow' adirondack ink, then stamped the tree (one of my favourites!) into place, also stamp the edges of the tree round the edges of the ATC to look like bushes
Stamp the word 'spring' from the remountable seasons set and the bird into place
The sheep are from the Remountable farm set


  1. Very pretty card. I really like the tree! :)

  2. very springlike Janet, lovely fresh colours and great perspective

  3. Great ATC Janet, love the colours and the thought of Spring....especially as it is raining outside at the moment...x

  4. Lovely card Janet, I love the colours and atmosphere they create. X


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