Saturday, 13 April 2013

Pan Pastel Tree

This is another card I did for the workshop on Saturday, using Pan Pastels with a lovely Dreamweaver stencil

I used Pan Pastels to do both the background and
the main image.
  • Tear a piece of white linen effect cardstock, so it is a bit bigger than the stencil
  • Place the Cypress Tree stencil in the centre of the card and emboss (I use a Grand Calibur)
  • Remove the stencil and using a pale colour Pan Pastel, colour the centre area, it is easier to do this now rather than later
  • Replace the stencil and sponge some Versa Mark ink through the gaps
  • Leave the stencil in place, then sponge a mixture of green, brown and red pan pastels through the gaps
  • Lift the stencil and shade round the edges with pan pastels
  • To create the 'ground' tear a piece of paper and place it so you can add shade under the bark of the tree
  • Remove the paper and fix with hairspray
  • Mat on to a torn piece of white linen cardstock, then onto green and finally the white base card
  • Add card candy
  • There you have it - a nice simple card!
  • Enjoy your weekend xx 


  1. Lovely card Janet, great colours, really like the dreamweaver stencil, I have it somewhere I must find it and use it.. Thank you so much for following my blog.

    Chris x

    1. Thank you Chris. I bought it when we were in Kent for Eileen's workshop!

  2. Wow, Janet, just found your blog....brilliant....I am now a follower...I have loved your work for ages....truly inspirational....hugs. Jo. X

    1. Thank you Jo, I have only just started it. I have followed you too. Your cards are always amongst my favourites xx

  3. Great card will get out my pan pastels x

  4. It's lovely Janet - never thought of putting a dream weaver through the GC - mind I haven't got any lol xx


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