Friday, 18 May 2018

Another catch up!

Good morning!

I am up and about early today, I always wake up much earlier in the spring because it is so light in the mornings.  I am very sad to report that none of my house martins have made it back this year.  Hearing the lovely chattering outside the window is one of the joys of spring and summer for me, so I will miss that very much.  There are a few pairs nesting locally, so hopefully they will have a good breeding year and repopulate my nests.  It is very sad that their numbers are declining (along with most other creatures, apart from humans who are multiplying out of control!)

As usual, I am catching up with cards, so here are two from the three way overlay sets.  These stamp set have three parts to each image: an inner an outer and an outline, which you can overstamp in different colours.  I find lining these up incredibly difficult, I think my eyes must have some sort of defect, it always looks ok while I am stamping but it is usually way off, so I decided to use the stamps separately!

I started by adding lots of ink to a piece of stencil card to create an ombre effect.
I stamped the inner and outer parts of the stamp in a pattern using black ink
outline with a fine black pen and mount onto black card
For the background, I stamped the outline all round the edge of the card and coloured in bits here and there.  Edge with a black sharpie pen

I managed to get a decent line up for the second card!
I did the three way overlay, then added some ink to the square gel press petite and 'stamped' that over the top
I added a couple of squiggly black lines round the edge.
Mask this off then brush ink through the matching stencil to make the frame.
add a few splatters and some black paint dots.
Mount onto black card.

Stamps used:
Fossil leaf & stencil
Queen Anne's lace & stencil

This is just a quick look at some older cards, for this one I used the Toadstool and Hares set
I masked off the central square, stamped the leaves around, the removed the mask and stamped and coloured the main image
The fourth card is done by brushing the ink through the lovely aperture stencil and overstamping with the hares.

Thank you very much for visiting, I hope you enjoy your day!
Janet xxx


  1. All fabulous projects Janet as always. I used to struggle with lining stamps up too but I find if I use the Clarity handle upside down as it were and just look through the flat of the handle it seems much easier. Love the hares card, my favourite of all of these. Xx

    1. THank you Dawn, I will keep practising! xx

  2. Beautiful projects Janet..... I really like the toadstools! Have a lovely weekend! Chrissie xx

    1. Thanks Chrissie, I hope you have a good weekend too! xx


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