Tuesday, 17 January 2017

After the rave.....

Good evening all,

Thanks for dropping in.  It was the first Clarity workshop of the year on Sunday, it was at Bawburgh and we started with a bit of excitement!  Apparently there had been a 'party' there the night before and it had 'got out of hand'  Turns out it was more of a rave!!  The hall is in a village just outside of Norwich and I think almost everyone had been disturbed by it.  At around midnight the police were called and the hall caretakers were trying to disperse everyone.  No violence - just lots of noise, drink and drugs!

The guys had done a sterling clear up job and apart from the smell and a some dodgy marks on the floor, the hall was fit for us to use.  It was rather scary how many of the 'old rock chicks' in the group recognised all the smells and canisters left around!

I will post the cards we did after the next workshop, in Great Blakeneham, so for now I will show one of the cards from the last TV show.
This one is done using some of the lovely new papers from Clarity, designed by Dee Paramour and Barbara.  They are lovely designs and superb quality, as you would expect!

The background is made by cutting strips of the paper and sticking them down on a piece of card, start with two long strips across the diagonal, then fit other strips round them.
I stamped the fab sketchy bag and shoe on a separate piece of the paper and cut them out and stuck them on the background.

Take care,
Janet xxx


  1. Old!!! I'll have you know in my head I'm still 16. You are in big trouble now Janet!
    It was a good day though wasn't it? I loved all the cards, won't post them until you've done GT B.

  2. Sounds quite an adventure! Lovely card! Chrissie xx

  3. what a lovely card,sounds like it had been a wild night,lol.


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