Monday, 12 December 2016

Kenyan style Christmas cards

Hello folks,
So today I thought I would share cards that I have made up, but the artwork isn't mine.  It started a while ago when I got a friend request from a man in Kenya.  Normally I would just delete a request from a man I don't know, but for some reason, I decided to accept this one - I thought it would be fun to get news from another part of the world.
It turns out that he also made cards and sold them to help pay for his education, so I asked to see pictures, they were fantastic pieces of art.  I said If he sent me some, I would buy them from him and sell locally or use myself, so that is what we do, Robin sends me his little works of art and Imake them into cards (It was better that way for postage costs)

These are some of his Christmas designs...

Fabulous, aren't they?  My favourites are the orange/red and yellow backgrounds.  I think the colours and pigments could only come from Africa- so vibrant!  I love them, hope you do too. 
 Have a lovely day!
Janet xx


  1. These are truly beautiful. I would love to have every one, frame them and put them on display in my little craft room for inspiration.
    Robin is so talented. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Love them all.... I have just found a place for my pictures in my new house.... I really like them! Chrissie xx

  3. They are gorgeous Janet. Mine will come out again this year, it had pride of place last year.


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