Sunday, 13 November 2016


Hello everyone,
Thanks very much for stopping by.  I hope you are having a good weekend.  I am showing a page from the Clarity colouring book today.  I did do this a while ago, but have just realised that I haven't blogged it yet.
It is coloured with waxy pencils.  I am not the best colourer-inner, but I am having great fun wiht this book, you can do each page bit by bit, you don't have to sit and do it all in one go.  I think it is good to take your time and get a result you can be pleased with.
The picture has come out a bit faded, but it was actually quite bright for me!
A few things I have learnt: Nothing in nature is a solid colour, so I always use several colours and blend.
Add shade!!  I don't think I am brave enough with this yet, but I am getting there!
Add highlights, I am also not very brave with this either.
Keep practising!  Practice makes perfect, as they say....
Enjoy it!  You are supposed to be relaxing, remember!
Janet xx



  1. Looks lovely to me Janet! Chrissie xx

  2. Nice and colourful for a miserable morning! Would have been tempted to use markers for the birds to make them stand out from the foliage.....

  3. Lovely page Janet, and I am so glad that you have blogged it. It is amazing just how relaxing colouring is, I remember spending many hours as a young girl. With my sister and our colouringbooks...happy memories..
    Have a great


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