Saturday, 10 October 2015

Claritystampers East

Hello again,

Thank you for dropping in.  I am finally blogging cards again and thought I would start with the ones we did over the last two weekends, today at Bawburgh and last Sunday at Great Blakenham.

We used the Spruce Tree stencil and the Santa and Star corners set of stamps

The first card was made using the Spruce Tree stencil, sponging distress ink through, then stamping the outline star group all over the image and using part of the larger corner stamp round the edges, then add a black outline with a fineliner pen.
 Stamp the solid star cluster on the background and the corner round the edges, then colour in the leaves

We used the same stencil again for the second card - a nice messy one!  Splodge some distress ink on to the inner part of the stencil, spritz with water then place some watercolour paper over it to pick up the image (make sure you move it to a clean background first!)  Splatter a bit of ink around, then leave to dry.  In the meantime, make a background piece of card by splodging ink on a mat, spritzing, then picking the ink up on the card and leave that to dry too.
After you've had your coffee and cake (thank you Veronica!) place the outer part of the stencil over the image and stamp some stars on the tree.
Then it is just a case of matting and layering.
There were some very lovely versions of this made by the ladies - a bit of glitter on the tree looks lovely

The last card was stamping and colouring really.  We masked the Santa before doing the background and added some shade around him by dragging some ink off the mask with a make up sponge.

Thank you to both groups of ladies, I always enjoy spending my weekend with you!
Janet xxx


  1. Loved it ,my faverate is the last one we done xxx

  2. Replies
    1. Sorry you couldn't make it, but hope you had a good time at the market

  3. Beautiful cards Janet. I sorry I missed a really good workshop. xx

    1. Sorry you didn't feel up to it Sue - hope you feel better soon xx

  4. Beautiful cards Janet.... I particularly like the 'messy' Christmas tree with the stars... it is a very pretty effect! Chrissie x

  5. All gorgeous cards, Janet, glad you had a wonderful time....xx

    1. Thank you, Jo - we always enjoy the workshops xx

  6. Lovely cards as always Janet xx


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