Saturday, 9 May 2015

Shepherd's Purse

Good evening bloggers.

Thank you for visiting.  I have been getting cards sorted for the next workshop and am quite pleased with things so far..... I got a bit carried away and put an egg on to hard boil to make an egg salad (yes, I really am that healthy.....stop laughing!!), then I went of to do a quick job and completely forgot about it!  Fortunately I had put a good amount of water in the pan, so it didn't boil dry! It was definitely hard boiled though!

Anyway, today's card is one I made as a sample for the Clarity show on Sunday - what an amazing show that was!  Sell outs all over the place and a good laugh at the squeaky bench!!

This lovely set of stamps feature Shepherd's Purse and is designed by Amanda Branston -  I love it!

I used Clarity card and brayered sunshine yellow most of the way down the card, but leaving a bit of white at the bottom, then I used a darker yellow, then an orange, then a red each time coming down  a bit less distance so the previous colour still shows at the bottom and the top corner gets darker and darker.

Once I was happy with that, I stamped the Shepherd's Purse in place, made sure it was dry, then lifted some colour from the flowers and seed pods by adding some water, then dabbing the colour with tissue.

I coloured the pods green with distress markers and used a white pen to do the flowers.

I splattered some of the red ink over it, then used a black fine line pen to go round the edges

Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend
Janet xxxx


  1. pretty. background looks like a hot sun.....lovely xx

  2. Very pretty card! Lovely stamp! :) x

    1. Thank you, Chrissie, I like this sort of stamp

  3. Hi Janet. I absolutely love your card. Could you explain to how to do the splatter please. Thank you xx

    1. Thank you Julie, I have left you a message on fb about the splattering xx

  4. This is lovely Janet. You are so talented. xx

  5. Very pretty card, the background is beautiful.

    Love and hugs


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