Saturday, 28 February 2015

Rows of trees

Hello folks ,

Thank you for visiting.  I would also like to say thank you for the comments you leave too - I always enjoy reading them
These are the last couple of cards I did for the last Clarity show - just in time for the next one on Sunday.  You have to tune in for that, especially if you like fairies.....!

I did this card with the tree rows set, I love the funky style of the trees.
It is pretty much stamped and coloured in, then I did a bit of 'splattering' - my new favourite thing to do.  It looks great and there isn't too much that can go wrong - just make sure you keep anything you don't want splattered out of the way!!!

The second card is made with the 'In the Country' set.  Another row of trees  along with a cat, dog and hares.

I kept this very simple, just stamping and colouring and making the background in the usual way.
This time I used a fine black pen to outline along the hills and round the sun.
I printed the words out, then matted them on the same card as the main picture.

Have a fab weekend, don't forget to watch Barb on Sunday - I am recording it to watch after the Great Blakenham workshop, looking forward to seeing all the ladies again!


  1. Love the cards Janet. I think I must get into splattering a bit too. It always looks so good.

  2. Lovely artwork , the tree set looks so versatile, definitely on my list x

  3. And I love the splattering too x

  4. Hello Janet! I really like both these cards but the one with the dog is my favourite!! Hope you have a good time at the workshop! :) xx


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