Thursday, 4 December 2014

Last Claritystampers East of the Year

Hello everyone and welcome,

These are the cards we made at the last Claritystampers East workshop for this year - I always think people have enough to do in December, what with all that Christmas preparation - it is slowly dawning on me that I have got a fair old bit to do!!  I did the cards in different colours, just because sometimes they can look very different, depending on the colours used

The first card is made with the shoe stamp and stencil from the new Clarity Style set, Stamp the words in place first then place the stencil on the card and brush some ink through, I added a bit of shading by going over some areas again with a sponge. When I was happy with the colour, I drew round the edge with a fine pen.
Cover this shoe with the cut out shoe that comes in the stencil kit, it will act as a mask, then move the stencil over a bit and add the second shoe ( a bit lighter than the first!)
To get the splatters, just add some of the ink to your craft mat, spritz with water, pick some ink up on a paint brush and splatter away until you get the desired amount of splotches.
Add a few gems and mat and layer on matching card.  I intend to add a greeting in the top right corner, when I know what I want to say!
We actually did the first bit of this card first, drag some grunge paste through the dress stencil and leave to dry. (Do the other cards whilst waiting!)
When the paste is dry, place the other bit of the stencil over it, to mask it while you do the background, cover with the umbrella stencil and add your colours - this one is quite light, the other one is quite dark!

Swap the stencil over to expose the paste dress, then add the colour to the dress
Stamp the words in place and I drew round the outline of the dress with a fine pen.
I also squiggled a line round the edge of the card

Clarity do a plethora of tree stamps and I love them all!  I think they are one of my favourite things to work with.  The new designs with the butterflies and the birds are wonderful images and it is great to have a stamp and stencil.
For these cards, we used white acrylic paint to sponge through the stencil.
Once dry, brush/sponge with ink
the smaller image is the stamp.
Add some ground for the trees to stand on.

The extra butterflies are made just by stamping the image on a spare piece of card, embossing with crystal embossing powder and cutting out.  I cut off the antennae, then stamp the image on the card and add the cut out over the top.

Hope you like them, sorry it's such a long post!
 Janet xxx


  1. A stunning collection of cards Janet , so much so I can't choose a favourite. I love the way a card can change so much just by using a different colour. ...hugs...xx

  2. What a beautiful set of cards Janet each one just as lovely as the rest xx

  3. all stunning Janet love them ,xxx

  4. Super cards Janet, love the different coilour ways. xxx

  5. Beautiful cards as always Janet! My favourites are the ones with the trees and butterflies... really pretty!! :) xx

  6. Beautiful artwork, love them all xx

  7. Great cards Janet. It looks like you've been really busy! x


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