Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Faux Cross stitch scene

 Good evening bloggers,
Remember me?  Sorry I haven't been around for a while, Stuff has been getting in the way of my blog recently.
Anyway, today's card is one of the samples from the last TV show, using just one ink and the set of stamps that came with 'Dave's jumper' stamp.  What a great idea that is!  A plain jumper stamp that you can add all sorts to - good for a Christmas jumper, but also brilliant for all year - nice to get something for men's cards!

For this card, I use the three snowflakes and stamped the background, then cut to size.
For the centre piece, I stamped the deer first, then added the trees round him, then added a bit of shadow.  I may have added a touch of glitter too (as it's for Christmas!!)
I matted it up on blue card - very simple but I rather liked it, if I say so myself!

It is a small card, but I thought it is good to do some small cards for Christmas, you don't want to send everyone a masterpiece that's taken hours to do - do you??

Thanks for visiting and I will try not to leave it so long next time!
Janet xxx


  1. I really like this little card Janet.... it looks as though it has been cross-stitched!! Love the colours too!! :) xx

  2. Good to hear from you Janet, and what a great way to use the stamps...I love this....may just have to give it a go...hugs. X

  3. love the little scene - looks very nordic


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