Sunday, 10 August 2014

Lazy Day

Hello Bloggers,

For the first time for a long time I actually have both days of the weekend off  - no workshops to do, so I caught up on some much needed housework and gardening yesterday and today I read a book!  Hasn't happened for ages, but I did enjoy it - of course, what I should have been doing is tidying up the mountains of craft stuff that seem to have accumulated round the house!

Today's card is the first of my samples from the last TV show

I found a piece of background card I had in my stash, it is linen cardstock and it is coloured by squishing some distress inks onto a glass mat, spritzing with water a picking up with the card - this would have been a second run, judging by the more muted colours ( the first run always come out quite bright!)

I thought it would go well with the Fairytale stencil, so I simply attached the stencil to the card and brushed some grassy ups and downs using a copy paper mask.
I used blue for the sky - I was lucky in that there happened to be a light area which made a good sun!
I also added the Heart grasses along the bottom edge
I dragged the ink off the stencil with a sponge to give a bit more depth (especially round the girl)
I also ran round the whole thing with a fine blue pen to give the shape more definition.

Remove the stencil, trim and mount.
Hope you are having a great weekend and the weather isn't too bad for you
Janet xxx


  1. I love the colours in this Janet. They give the scene such a fairytale look. Fab. x

  2. Very ethereal Janet, I really like it.

  3. definitely ethereal. love what you have done here xx

  4. Sounds like you had a lovely relaxing weekend Janet, great card and yes looks like the cover of a book on Fairytales....just perfect....x

  5. Glad you had a nice relaxing weekend Janet!! Really like the style of this card... like the misty effect you have achieved... xxx

  6. Lovely Janet, glad you had a peaceful weekend x

  7. Glad you had a relaxing weekend. The card is lovely, really like the fairytale effect. xx


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